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DJ Florek

Hellertown, PA - United States








DJ Florek

Hellertown, PA - United States

DJ Florek - Fine Artist

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Komo mai (Welcome)

Traveler, Musician, History buff and Photographer.

A long time ago I wanted some local photography for my wall. I was unable to find exactly what I was looking for within my price range. As a teen, I dabbled in photography myself and liked the craft immensely. I then decided to study a bit more, get the tools needed and capture the images I so desired. Mostly because of my intense sensitivity to light, the images that please me are; high contrast, vivid, low light type images.
Because I also have a strong interest in history, you will find that many of my captures are of a historic nature. I also tend to have multiple subjects or a hidden purpose throughout my images as an attempt to create the interesting from the mundane.
I have found over the years, that photography, can sometimes be over complicated as a means to confuse the layman or empower the pro. Therefore I tend to keep things simple. Photography to me is simply a way to capture the moment in a way that pleases my eyes and maybe exude a mood or feeling. I hope you like what I see and create with my vision.

Here on this site, I have mixed in some of my older film shots as well as the more current digital captures.
Many thanks for your interest in my work, DJ

Just keepin' things simple :)

İDJFlorek all rights reserved

Tools: Pentex ~ Canon ~ Sigma ~ Promaster ~ Cokin ~ Joby ~ Bower
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