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Dave Lahn

Halifax, NS - Canada








Dave Lahn

Halifax, NS - Canada

Dave Lahn - Fine Artist

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March 8th, 2013







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About Dave Lahn

Before anything about the photographer here,Please let me tell you about a passion I have, to help Local Food Banks.

In this vast world of ours there should not be a, (SINGLE PERSON) That has got to go to bed hungry,but more than we know do.
For each Image sold of mine, a donation will be made either to a local food bank of your choice or mine, (this is your choice).
Iam also currently working on a website, called No More Hunger Photography By Dave,where I will be trying to put Food Banks Out Of Business.

I cannot do this without your help folks.
I will do my best at helping Hunger One Image at a time.
Thank You Very Much For taking the time to read this.
~Dave Lahn

My Photography Is a full time job, I have walked more miles to capture the best photographs, I possibly can for people to view, I lost count at 10,000 miles, and I dont say this lightly,all total and over the years yes at least,(smiles) there is so much work at doing what you have a deep passion for,and this best describes myself,

with well over 3.7 million Photographs to my name, and continue counting each and everyday, the sky Is the limit,when it comes to my work, I have taken Photographs from Weddings,Robin williams, to Pope John Paul, and everything In between,just to list a few but not all ie:landscapes,seascapes,landscapes,macros,parks,mountains,beautiful scenery, etc and the huge list goes on.

If ever you dont see anything that you just might be looking for,drop me a email, I more than likely will have It some where In the many,2tb external hard drives I currently own. and no two alike Photographs.

I have done one photograph,using Photoshop (old thing impact 10) and this was a lighthouse, down at peggys cove and it turned out pretty good (smiles) this is the only time I have ever used this program, and I didnt have a clue as to what I was even doing, until it all came together with a click here and a click there!. I will place it up one day (smiles) who knows maybe a buyer, will even stop by to get a copy of it lol....the top of the lighthouse came in three parts (photoshop) only one i have ever done!.

So with this being said, please feel free to comment on my work anytime ((always free)) and if a purchase is In mind thats great as well.

Thanks Very Much for your valued time In reading this (short book here).

~Dave Lahn

In this day there is real and lasting treasure. Somewhere in the circumstances, the people, the moments, the experiences of today there is a unique and valuable gem that can bring much richness to your life.

If you set out with the goal of just getting through today, you'll likely pass that treasure by without even seeing it. If you spend your energy on anger, envy, worry or gloominess, your eyes will be blinded to the goodness and value that could otherwise be yours.

For today is a day when you can make positive, creative and beautiful things happen, if you will. Today is a day when you can add much meaning and substance to your world, if you choose.

Like precious diamonds that are hidden beneath the ground, the most valuable treasures of this day are not immediately evident. Yet the more love, creativity and effort you put into life on this day, the more real value you will uncover.

The most valuable treasures won't be found in those things from which you attempt to take. The real treasures will be in those things to which you give the best of who you are.

Choose now to do more than simply get through this day. Choose to discover and to live its richest treasures


Thank You Jesus

How can I ever Thank You for all of this beauty and amazing sights you offer to us all, from the wild flowers,to the waters that forever flow through our cities,to our mountain tops, and you did it all In just Six Days which will take us all a lifetime to view It all. Lord I thank you each and everyday.
Welcome to my digital world..
~Dave Lahn

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