Dave Martsolf - Fine Artist

Dave Martsolf

Windham, NH - United States








Dave Martsolf

Windham, NH - United States

Dave Martsolf - Fine Artist

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August 22nd, 2008







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About Dave Martsolf

Dave Martsolf

Visit my web site: http://davemartsolf.com

Recent Events: Solo Show - Galatea Fine Art, Boston, MA January 4-29, 2012

Zine Group Show - LAP Gallery, Waltham, MA May-June, 2012

Featured on the Home Page of 1st Angel Arts Magazine web site http://1stangel.co.uk/art/pick-of-the-day-dave-martsolf/ Sept 2009

Trees Atlanta's 1st Annual National 'Trees in Art' Exhibition, Atlanta, GA

Projekt30.com December 2008 On-line Juried Exhibition

Projekt30.com March 2009 On-line Juried Exhibition

I use a photorealistic collage style for some of my major surreal work. I also have a hand-drawing personal style that I love, and you will find some of that intermixed with the photo collages. On top of that I continue to enjoy explorations in many other directions, including computer graphics, pen and ink work, and watercolor. What you see here is the best of the end results.

The gestalt behind all of the work is an inquisitveness into the emotional and physical properties of as much of the universe as I can comprehend, moderated by personal choice regarding which of the infinite avenues I want to explore. As a result you won't find Hannibal Lector here, nor Joe Suicide. Those and others are certainly valid paths. I simply do not choose to take my life there.

My surreal visionary style is conceived in the bowels of endless empty space. Worlds come out of nowhere to define and fill empty space with form and reflected light. In these paintings I use photographs to develop a hallucinogenic, some say gut-wrenching realistic space where mind-bending visions rule.

Then there is my personal drawing style. In its simplest essence it is the line; the drawn line and what it represented as the delineation of a form, a space, almost the way a topographical line feels out the form of a hill, or the way a blind man feels out the tender forms of his or her lover.

That line is also the signature of the vibration of life and life's emotions, twisted by the influence of others, fighting for a day in the sun, learning the way of calm, the mastery of the surf of life and the swell of love and anger. Brownian motion, cosmic ray decay, elemental particles, the paths of chaos, entropy, and rejuvenation, it has all come down to the line.

Somewhere the two basic styles of real-world conceptual surrealism and personal drawing style meet. That meeting has generated a third style that look surrealistic, but is based on sketched forms rather than photos. I hope you find some enjoyment as you roam through my work. Thanks for stopping by.

Dave Martsolf

I was born in 1949 in Manhattan, Kansas, lived my early life in western Pennsylvania, and moved to New Hampshire at age 12 where I have resided ever since.

e-mail: davidmartsolf@comcast.net
web site: http://www.davemartsolf.com


Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1967 - 1970 Architecture

University of New Hampshire 1970 - 1973 Fine Arts, Art History

University of New Hampshire 1983 - 1985 Bachelor of Arts in the Arts

National Juried Shows

Ellsworth Gallery, Simsbury, CT, 1977

Ellsworth Gallery, Simsbury, CT, 1978

Greater Fall River Art Association, Fall River, MA, 1978

Washington & Jefferson College, Washington, PA, 1978

North Platte Valley Artist's Guild, Scottsbluff, NE, 1979

Washington & Jefferson College, Washington, PA, 1980

Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH, 1982

Springfield Art League, Springfield, MA, 1983

Springfield Art League, Springfield, MA, 1984

Trees Atlanta 1st Annual National 'Trees in Art' Exhibition, Atlanta, GA 2009

On-line Juried Shows

http://Projekt30.com December 2008 Juried Show

http://Projekt30.com March 2009 Juried Show

Solo Shows

Gallery 33, Concord, NH, 1977

First and Second Unitarian Universalist Church, Boston, MA, 1979

Ainsworth Gallery, Boston, MA, 1979

New Hampshire College, Manchester, NH, 1981

New Hampshire College, Manchester, NH, 1984


Honorable Mention, Washington & Jefferson College, Washington, PA, 1978

Juror's Prize, 'UNH Revisited' Alumni Show, Durham, NH, 1981

Best of Show, New Hampshire Arthritis Foundation Annual Art Exhibit, Concord, NH, 1981

Best of Show, New Hampshire Arthritis Foundation Annual Art Exhibit, Concord, NH, 1982

Sawyer Memorial Award for Painting, 38th Annual New Hampshire Art Association Exhibition, Currier Gallery of Art, Manchester, NH, 1985

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Intimacy by Dave Martsolf


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Illumination Beyond Ursa Major by Dave Martsolf


Adam and Eve by Dave Martsolf


Ferris Wheel by Dave Martsolf


Toward the Opening Door by Dave Martsolf


The Three Fonts by Dave Martsolf


The Tears of Christ by Dave Martsolf


The Surreal Cosmologist by Dave Martsolf


The Moment of Creation by Dave Martsolf


The Marriage by Dave Martsolf


Surrealism's Umbilical Cord by Dave Martsolf


The Ecstasy by Dave Martsolf


The Surreal Novelist by Dave Martsolf


Surreal Still Life and Tomatoes by Dave Martsolf


Mother and Child by Dave Martsolf


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Surreal Balance at the Mouth of Desire by Dave Martsolf


Surrealism in the Atomic Age by Dave Martsolf


The Arguments of Heisenberg and Einstein Weighed by a Partial Observer by Dave Martsolf


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Habitat by Dave Martsolf


Knossos by Dave Martsolf


Woodhenge by Dave Martsolf


Wood Construction #1 by Dave Martsolf


The Surreal Bridge by Dave Martsolf


Woman by Dave Martsolf


Child by Dave Martsolf


Man by Dave Martsolf



Civilization Found Intact by Dave Martsolf


Homecoming by Dave Martsolf


Feminine Landscape by Dave Martsolf


Dictator by Dave Martsolf


Clown by Dave Martsolf


Close Shave - oil on canvas by Dave Martsolf


Herculean Construction by Dave Martsolf

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