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David Ortega

Los Lunas, NM - United States








David Ortega

Los Lunas, NM - United States

David Ortega - Fine Artist

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David Ortega is a once in a generation artist on the verge of genius. A front runner in Photosimplism, his works in photography have been sold to collectors around the world proving the value of his recognition. Finding such success at such a young age, as a dedicated artist his best is yet too come. He continues working and defining his aesthetic. A part of the CONTEMPORARY PRIMITIVE ART MOVEMENT, with his amature break down of the image combined with his professional sense of light and composition, he accomplishes to create a world of serenity. He is what a true artist is, untrained, but driven by a deep deep passion for his work. He speaks a clear and unique voice, and has a body of work overflowing with raw emotion. the appreciation for his work and its value to arts history comes from his ability to break down a complicated world, not intended to show you what people see, but what he sees. Now is that not what a true artist should do? Anyone who knows David Ortega's Photography will recognize one of his pieces instantly. There is a clear signature through his work. Each photograph has a limited number of prints and a maximum of 25 greeting cards for each photograph will be sold.

'I was born on September 17th, 1987, raised in the beautiful town of Chimayo, New Mexico. I moved to Taos, New mexico, in spring 2006. There I fell in love with the arts and realized my natural talents. I moved to a location bout 11 miles from town where i was blessed with the most amazing view! New Mexico is known around the world for its breath taken sunsets and enchanting landscapes, and I was lucky enough to understand the significance of the beauty around me. So I picked up my camera, opened my front door, and beginning taking pictures! I felt it was my obligation to share those pictures with the world. This is God's artwork and he gave my the gift of sharing them with you. I have no professional experience taking photographs. I have never taken an art lesson in my life, everything I know I learned on my own! i hope you can appreiate my work. In a world where life can get so complicated, we've become too busy to stop and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. In my work Ive tried to simplify the world. There is no editing in my photos... what you see is what I saw!'
Written by artist: David Ortega

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