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Dawn Derringer

White Rock, BC - Canada








Dawn Derringer

White Rock, BC - Canada

Dawn Derringer - Fine Artist

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About Dawn Derringer

Dawn Derringer
Contemporary Fine Artist


Each human being exists at the mercy of forces which compel,confound and astound our body, mind and spirit.

Life and Love, a universal catalytic experience of something or someone sends us to a place beyond human reason, yet we seek to know the unknowable and name the unnameable.

We are tangled in this conundrum until reason is torn from us. We surrender to chaos and creation encoded in the cells of our being, the pain of separation ends and we taste the essence of the stars.

Recently, Dawn Derringer found herself on such a journey. On her voyage of discovery she used a dream technique called astral projection which resulted in the creation of a collection entitled 'Astral Travels'.

The theme of the collection is PERIPTEIA from Greek philosophy, meaning a sudden or unexpected change of situation or events, a turning point or reversal of circumstances.

Titles in Astral Travels are:

Hands Of Creation
Night Moves
Sign Post
New Horizon
Dream Out Loud
Destination Falling Star

Dawn's artistic explorations are what she envisions of the interwoven fabric of the universe.
Art which is a fusion of poetry, nature, fractals, mathematical and spiritual truth.

Dawn's curiosity and gifted sight compels her to look deeply, beyond the obvious.
She perceives even the most mundane as seeded with mystery and magnificence, an infinite palette of possibility of saturated colour, pattern and sensuality waiting to be discovered and reveal itself.

Work from previous exhibitions are held in Canada, USA, United Kingdom and Europe.

For more complete information about the artist and her work please contact:
dawnderringer@gmail.com or fluidicsculpture.blogspot.ca

Author: Mya Raveneye

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A Proposal by Dawn Derringer


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Sundial by Dawn Derringer

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