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Deb Cloer

Holly Springs, NC - United States








Deb Cloer

Holly Springs, NC - United States

Deb Cloer - Fine Artist

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I think of myself as an artist who uses a camera instead of a paint brush. A lifetime is a series of moments, and there's nothing more amazing than capturing those moments and sharing them with others. Most of my photographic artwork is of nature, landscapes or architecture, but I will typically shoot any scene that I find inspirational. I focus on good composition, exposure, and color during the photo shoot, and post-process when additional enhancements are desired.

I hope you'll spend a moment looking around, and find an image that you like or even love! Thank you for visiting my photographic gallery and for your support.

All photographs and artwork on this web site are fully protected by U.S. and international copyright laws, all rights reserved. The images may not be copied, reproduced, manipulated or used in any way, without written permission from the artist Deb Cloer.

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The Marble Church of Copenhagen by Deb Cloer


Bass Lake View and Lake Boat by Deb Cloer


Merry-Go-Round Ponies by Deb Cloer


The Metropolis of Miami by Deb Cloer


Waldorf Towers of South Beach by Deb Cloer


Portrait of the Cape Florida Lighthouse by Deb Cloer


Cape Florida Historic Lighthouse by Deb Cloer


Beach Tranquility by Deb Cloer


Stars and Stripes by Deb Cloer


Church Steeple by Deb Cloer


Splitting Wood by Deb Cloer


The Round Up Ride at Night by Deb Cloer


Swing Ride at Night by Deb Cloer


Ferris Wheel at Night by Deb Cloer


The Enterprise Amusement Park Ride by Deb Cloer


Courtyard Water Fountain by Deb Cloer


Purple Coneflowers Bursting Orange by Deb Cloer


Cloudy Summer Sky Reflection by Deb Cloer


A Reflection of the Past by Deb Cloer


Steeple Cross by Deb Cloer


Bass Lake View by Deb Cloer


Colorful Window Design by Deb Cloer


Rustic Farm Scene by Deb Cloer


Pink Rose by Deb Cloer


Resting Boat by Deb Cloer


Red-Yellow Flower by Deb Cloer


Pink Azalea by Deb Cloer


Red-Yellow Flower in Full Bloom by Deb Cloer


Rosebud by Deb Cloer


Pink Rose Blooming by Deb Cloer


Daisy Row by Deb Cloer


Butterfly Landing by Deb Cloer


Yates Mill by Deb Cloer


Path to the River by Deb Cloer


Lakeside Gazebo by Deb Cloer


Waterfall Scene by Deb Cloer


Autumn Scene by Deb Cloer


Fall Water Reflections by Deb Cloer


Street Lighting by Deb Cloer


Pier Silhouette at Sunrise by Deb Cloer


Beach Sunrise by Deb Cloer


Sunrise on the Horizon by Deb Cloer


Elephant Close Up by Deb Cloer

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   |   Images = 43