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Debbie Clarke

Gloucester, MA - United States








Debbie Clarke

Gloucester, MA - United States

Debbie Clarke - Fine Artist

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About Debbie Clarke

Hello there! I'm an artist living and working in my hometown of Gloucester Massachusetts. The photos shared here are my up-close and personal views from this magnificent, quirky place that is in constant flux. I love great art, particularly great drawing. My work is derived from observational drawing/painting, memories and faces of people i remember and/or resonate from art work that I have encountered during my 50+ years of making AHHT.

Some of the images that I offer through this site are images of a work that is the documentation of the work's progress. Frequently folk have liked a particular 'state' of my work, only to discover that the work they liked is dramatically changed the next time they see it. To address this issue I am uploading the various states, so that the work they liked is available to them. If you purchase an image through Fine Arts America, and you are local, you may contact me to put some 'original' touches to your canvas or print. There will be an additional fee, dependant on what you want me to do. I can add additional paint, drawing lines, an original signature, gold leaf, aluminum leaf, silver leaf. If you have additional ideas, just let me know.

I have a 30 year commission history, manifesting visions for other folk. Dancing Figures, Fish, and reverse glass paintings are most frequently requested, as well as portraits. Get in touch with me if you are interested in a commission.

If you ever visit Gloucester, you will find my reverse glass paintings of fish in the permanent collection of our local treasure The Cape Ann Museum; which, has the largest collection of paintings by the luminist painter Fitz Henry Lane. You will also find there the work of The Folly Cove Designers and George Demetrios. Sculptor George Demetrios was the teacher of my teacher Andrew MacMillan from whom I learned to draw. This direct transmission of learning to see, artist-to-artist, can be traced back through Bourdelle, Rodin, etc to Cimabue.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work. I look forward to this great adventure offering my work to a greater audience.

best always,
feet on floor, eyes forward, brush-in-hand.

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