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Debi Baughman

Alta, CA - United States








Debi Baughman

Alta, CA - United States

Debi Baughman - Fine Artist

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About Debi Baughman

I have been taking pictures as a hobby all my life but began to get a bit more serious about it when many of the pictures began bringing me stories to go with them. I have learned during this past few years that animals actually love to be photographed. Having always lived in the mountainous country sides I decided finally to begin to travel a bit to capture more around me, and have found that my favorite photos and scenes are Sunsets and Clouds.

I just recently began painting. I say recently, about 8 years ago working on a series of canvases that also, collectively tell a story of snapshots in time. My paintings usually come out a bit childlike, as this is not so much something I have yet sought to master, but have used as my time to relax and to dream, allowing them to talk to me as I go and add their own touches.

Realizing that they are adding up on my computer and in my home, i decided it is time to put them out to the public and see if this hobby can become a form of livelihood, at least partial.
My desire and intent in all of my photography, like any artist I think, is to bring a bit of the magick that our minds and the beauty around us shares with each of us. If i can do this with just one person, and then one more and one more, the journey has been well worth all the path leads me through.

Sometimes it is hard to find a flame with-in and this is the flame that i seek always to keep alive.

Debi K Baughman

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