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Debora PeaceSwirl D'Angelo

Gulfport, MS - United States








Debora PeaceSwirl D'Angelo

Gulfport, MS - United States

Debora PeaceSwirl D

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About Debora PeaceSwirl D'Angelo

Self -taught outsider folk visionary artist PeaceSwirl.

A life long native of the Mississippi Gulf Coast I have been through some major storms .From hurricane Camille to Katrina and many real life major storms if ya know what I'm talkin' bout? But life wasn't going to hold me down.I was always a free spirit a seeker living full stream ahead until my crash in 2004.The crash they called it was chronic fatigue syndrome and post traumatic stress disorder.Seeking healing I heard 'the voice' it (He)said,'You have everything you need!'My first thought was who what where how? and yea right ! Stunned I thought what else was trying to get my attention? If my life wasn't over at 48 then what? Step by step I began to listen and move toward living again.I started creating with what the universe put before me,old sheet metal ,palm fronds , battered wood and roofing paper .Oh oh and taking pictures !! I started taking pictures of anything everything that struck my heart.

Now I'm a very proud Jackson Square Artist in New Orleans.Oh what an adventure this life is....

PeaceSwirl name was inspired by John Lennon.PeaceSwirl is about turning the spiral around.It is about inner peace.Going within myself finding the inner light and love within so I can hopefully swirl more peace and love outside myside.I'm far from prefect far from where I want to go in life in my art in my heart .I just hope I can share some of myself with others through my heart and soul art and maybe make a difference.

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Robert Johnson King of the Delta Blues by Debora PeaceSwirl D'Angelo


Cafe Du Monde September 14 by Debora PeaceSwirl DAngelo


A Day on Mississippi Beach by Debora PeaceSwirl DAngelo


Jackson Square Glow by Debora PeaceSwirl DAngelo


Jackson Square Stroll by Debora PeaceSwirl DAngelo


Hibiscus by Debora PeaceSwirl DAngelo


Facing the Storm by Debora PeaceSwirl DAngelo


Eye of the Storm by Debora PeaceSwirl DAngelo


Seeking Balance by Debora PeaceSwirl DAngelo


French Quarter Jazz Band by Debora PeaceSwirl DAngelo


Treme Brass Band Parade by Debora PeaceSwirl DAngelo


Tuba Fest Parade Jackson Square New Orleans by Debora PeaceSwirl DAngelo


Christmas in Jackson Square by Debora PeaceSwirl D'Angelo


Ever Had a BAd Day? by Debora PeaceSwirl D'Angelo


Peace and Beauty Be Yours by Debora PeaceSwirl D'Angelo


Feel the Light and Love by Debora PeaceSwirl D'Angelo


Simple Beach Love by Debora PeaceSwirl D'Angelo

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