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Debra Vronch

Lockport, IL - United States








Debra Vronch

Lockport, IL - United States

Debra Vronch - Fine Artist

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About Debra Vronch

My love affair with nature and photography began when I was about five years old. We had a summer home on the river and every morning my father and I would get up early and sneak out of the house to sit on the dock and watch the sunrise. I remember the slight chill in the air as I snuggled up in his lap, I sipping orange juice and he coffee. Most mornings there would be Egrets wading along the shore across from our cottage and we would sit quietly, watching them feed as the sun rose causing the river to dance with light.

This cottage was also where my interest in photography was born. My father was an amateur photographer and he used a big, old, wonderful Graflex camera and developed his own pictures in the pump house. I remember how amazed I was that he would enter that little brick building with his special paper, pour some awful smelling liquid in a couple of pans and emerge a little while later, the plain paper now covered in wonderful images, hanging on a wire to dry. What magic that seemed to be.

While cameras have evolved into something my father wouldn't recognize today, the mystery and magic still remains. That we can, with a little box, capture that illusive element known as light seems rather incredible when you think about it. Light than we can neither touch nor hold, when gathered into this little box, imprints all it's subtleties upon that memory card, and once again it is transferred to a piece of paper creating beautiful images. To me that is magic indeed!

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