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Debrah Nelson

Corona, CA - United States








Debrah Nelson

Corona, CA - United States

Debrah Nelson - Fine Artist

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About Debrah Nelson

I'm self taught and everything I create is from my own imagination, you never know (nor do I) what I'm going to come up with next. I love all types of mediums.

I started out at around age 10 or 11 with Pencil, then moved on to Ink and then Watercolor. Now I mainly work with Acrylics. Every now and then I will do an oil painting but the process is too slow for my taste.

In the art field, I worked at a Needlepoint Company (1 yr.) doing handpainted canvases and later for a Major Southern CA Sign Company (12 yrs.) where I was 1 of 2 sign designers working mainly with Adobe Illustrator (awesome job and co-workers!) but I quit to raise my kids.

During my free time as a stay at home Mom I worked with a Jig/Scroll Saw creating fine art on wood to hang on walls and to make cool occasional tables but I don't get to do that right now as my living area isn't set up for that.

So at the moment I mainly create ACEO's and sell them on ebay. Sometimes I do commissioned works for customers and as gifts for friends and family.

I am hoping that Fine Art America will be another way for me to get my artwork out there as I'd really love to be able to make a LIVABLE income out of what I love doing. I've had so many people tell me I should do this, so here I am.... even if you can't purchase my work I hope you enjoy viewing it.

I've rambled on long enough, hope you have a beautiful day!! = ) Debrah

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Tuxedo Cat laying in wait... by Debrah Nelson


Hummingbird Moth at Dandelion by Debrah Nelson


Crow In Moonlight by Debrah Nelson


Moonlit Pumpkin Patch by Debrah Nelson


Snowman w/ Cardinal Visitor by Debrah Nelson


Polar Bears Enjoy Aurora Borealis by Debrah Nelson


Angel Sheltering Seven Swans by Debrah Nelson


Snowman Enjoys Aurora Borealis by Debrah Nelson


Snowman Surrounded w/ Love by Debrah Nelson


Redheaded Mermaid in Space by Debrah Nelson


Fairy with Fireflies in Marsh by Debrah Nelson


Marsh Fairy w/ Red-winged Blackbirds 2 by Debrah Nelson


Space Mermaid w/ Angelfish by Debrah Nelson


Hitching a ride Pangolin style by Debrah Nelson


Makin Wishes by Debrah Nelson


Angel Releasing a Rainbow by Debrah Nelson


Marsh Fairy w/ Red Winged Blackbirds by Debrah Nelson


Rescue Angel with Tuxedo Kitten by Debrah Nelson


Honey Bee on Cosmo Flower by Debrah Nelson


Catnip Break by Debrah Nelson


Chasing Jupiters Aurora by Debrah Nelson


Kitten Dreaming of Crab Nebula by Debrah Nelson


World Domination Kitty Style by Debrah Nelson


Hamster Picking Purple Crocus by Debrah Nelson

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