Denise Armstrong - Fine Artist

Denise Armstrong

Montgomery, TX - United States








Denise Armstrong

Montgomery, TX - United States

Denise Armstrong - Fine Artist

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January 29th, 2007







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About Denise Armstrong

A cultural heritage has provided her with an aptitude and appreciation for art. Born into a family where the continuity of artists has bridged generations, came opportunities to develop and expand the resources for her work. Extensive travels have allowed her to befriend many people over the years. These influences have enriched Denise's canvas from which she draws. Much of her work reflects human emotion and family. Despite genetic legacy, she has emerged in this time with her own style and interpretation of Truth and reality as it is revealed and exists for her.
Denise's strong faith in God is the medium with which she begins each piece, understanding that art is God's tool for her. This knowledge enables and empowers her to do the work. This work is a mirror of her spirit. It reflects the love and compassion she has for others and her appreciation for the creator's work.
Teaching in the Houston Independent School District, for The Contemporary Arts Museum, has given her the desire to continue to teach and mentor others. Though Denise has had some art college experience, her training has been progressive as she expresses her work through a myriad of mediums.
Some projects have ranged from simple sculptures, portraiture, pen and ink drawings and illustrations, to large canvas oils and murals. She is also a graphic designer with a penchant for bold and bright colors that add impact to professional images. Denise has designed for the retail market and also enjoys the privilege of painting for the private collector.
Although she has been called an 'Impressionist ', Denise's artistic personality is more appropriately described as ' Expressionistic '. All of her creations are a reflection of her soul. From primitive carvings to bold graphics. Denise reveals what is imprinted on the core of her heart. This talent surpasses the capability of words. No author can give proper homage to her work with language; Denise's art must be experienced.

The Buffalo and Erie County Arts Council

Frank Lee, Arts Marketing Consultant

Trish Stewart, Writer and Friend

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Chickadee by Denise Armstrong


Jazzy Cat by Denise Armstrong

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