Denise Hoag - Fine Artist

Denise Hoag

Sherwood Park, Alberta - Canada








Denise Hoag

Sherwood Park, Alberta - Canada

Denise Hoag - Fine Artist

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October 31st, 2011







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About Denise Hoag

The love of Art began for Denise as a child; drawing on anything and everything.
After four years of Fashion Design study, she worked at Earthly Goods Fabric store and began creating Wearable Art and teaching workshops on fun, rebellious sewing techniques. Denise’s Wearable Art Garments have exhibited worldwide with the Bernina & Fairfield Fashion Shows. As a result of this she became a dynamic keynote speaker with Fashion Show/Motivational lecture presentations, but put that on the back burner when she was able to finally have a child at the age of 40.

A couple of years ago she was visiting with her cousin in the kitchen, and said: “The only reason I studied fashion design, was it wasn’t OK to be an artist.” She was shocked, wondering where that came from as tears fell down her face. Soon after, a professional artist easel surfaced at a garage sale at the perfect price of $5.00! Denise now has discovered a new love: painting with acrylics. She says being able to paint feels like a bird being let out of a cage. So she took her birds out of their cage and they fly free with her in her artist studio, named “The Soaring Peacock Studio”. Denise lives in Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada with her husband Chad, daughter Amanda, three cats & six birds. (The birds were so happy to be free they had babies.)

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My Redeemer Jesus Christ by Denise Hoag


We Are the Eggs at Easter by Denise Hoag


Whimsical Tree Pastel Sky by Denise Hoag


Dragonfly Flying High by Denise Hoag


Clowning Around by Denise Hoag


Butterfly Beauties by Denise Hoag


Lone Tree by Denise Hoag


Forest Reflections by Denise Hoag


Flying Through Turbulence Too by Denise Hoag


Flying Through Turbulence by Denise Hoag


The Happy Tree by Denise Hoag


Return of the Peacocks by Denise Hoag


Crazy Abundance by Denise Hoag


Stillness by Denise Hoag


Ready to Emerge by Denise Hoag


Jean Cote House on the Corner by Denise Hoag


Birds Emerging by Denise Hoag


Peaceful Trees by Denise Hoag


All Aflutter by Denise Hoag


Loving and Learning by Denise Hoag


Love of Parents Love of Child by Denise Hoag


Butterfly Reclaimed by Denise Hoag


Wanting to Fly by Denise Hoag


It's Ok to Be an Artist... by Denise Hoag

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