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Denise Landis

Apache Junction, AZ - United States








Denise Landis

Apache Junction, AZ - United States

Denise Landis - Fine Artist

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About Denise Landis

Denise Landis was introduced to painting while watching her father paint tiny faces on his cherished fishing lures. It all began at the kitchen table in their home in southern Arkansas. His passion for creativity was infectious and passed on to his daughter so that art and painting would grow into a primary focus for Denise’s lifetime.

A fascination with the style of painting known as Pointillism began during her early college years. She received a BA in Art and went on to earn a MA in Art Therapy. Denise used Pointillism as one of her therapeutic tools with both children and adults during counseling sessions. She also introduced the concept of using Pointillism with older patients who struggled with Parkinson’s disease, allowing them to use their physical constraints as assets. It was at this time that Denise realized that the mere actions of Pointillism could be both meditative and healing as well as appealing to viewers.

Denise left the mental health industry in 2000 to pursue art fulltime. Her focus has remained Pointillism, however, she continues to experiment with different styles, techniques, and color combinations to create specific moods and audience reactions. Her paintings have become favorites to observers. Denise Landis paintings, known as “Landisworks”, have been exhibited in US art galleries in the southwest, northeast, and southern states. Her portfolio of works can be seen on her professional website and her art blog allows observers and fans to see and co-experience her creative process.

Currently, Denise Landis is writing a series of books on Pointillism to be published in 2010. She lives in Arizona with her husband and two entertaining dogs and continues to paint with the passion inspired by her father.

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Dead Elvis I by Denise Landis


Cowboy III by Denise Landis


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Cowboy Elvis by Denise Landis


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Floatation by Denise Landis


Springer by Denise Landis


Dunes II by Denise Landis


Dunes by Denise Landis


Judy by Denise Landis


Santa Elvis by Denise Landis


Rhythm Guitar by Denise Landis


Kissing Elvis by Denise Landis


Colors by Denise Landis


Agua Azul by Denise Landis


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Desert Sunrise by Denise Landis


Punk by Denise Landis


Cowboy IV by Denise Landis


Burned by Denise Landis


Evening Flyers by Denise Landis


G.i. by Denise Landis


Gone by Denise Landis

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