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Denise Lumiere

Los Angeles, CA - United States








Denise Lumiere

Los Angeles, CA - United States

Denise Lumiere - Fine Artist

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About Denise Lumiere

Denise Lumiere, born in San Francisco, started painting and drawing as a young child, always enamored with creating, finding the creation exposing itself to the world. Her world of art also was incorporated in a profession of occupational therapy where she intended to use art to assist in healing, but chose instead to work with those with physical disabilities and children. Her innate sense of humanity, the connection with people has always been the impetus for her art, no matter what the technique or modality.

The current works are all from the last 5 years, consistently expressing a sense of inward, silent beauty that comes through faces, figures and color, exposing vulnerability through pure, unleashed expression.

Denise Lumiere has always insisted on seeing the world from a sense of beauty, as all as one. Even in the challenges of daily life, the depth and vulnerability of the human is beautiful. The challenges make each person who they are today.

“In art, I let the image unfold after I start putting paint on the page. There are occasions I use a landscape or photo to drive me in my memory, but most of the time, the image emerges out of the action of painting.. My artwork has been transforming from inner images of faces, sometimes vestiges of my mother’s face and the sense of looking inward, finding the peace, seeing that which is unknown and unseen, but ultimately present in all things.”

At times, the paintings are sometimes unfolding from person to essence, from total identification as a form to the sense of a scene or a flow..

Most recently her art was exhibited in the Los Angeles Downtown Art Walk at Wildeflowers Gallery.

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