Denise Nickey - Fine Artist

Denise Nickey

Wellsville, Pa - United States








Denise Nickey

Wellsville, Pa - United States

Denise Nickey - Fine Artist

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June 29th, 2012







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About Denise Nickey

I am an emerging artist with an open mind and expanding heart presence. I love to explore the unknown, create new colors, shapes and ways of expressing myself. I started experimenting with Encaustic wax and fell in love with the medium. My creations are divinely guided and self taught.
What I love about working with this medium is the unpredictable journey it takes me on with every painting I create. It starts with just being present with no agenda. When I start to work with the wax the colors come alive and begin to swirl, blend and express themselves. My collection has a variety of soft curves, hand carved and in some cases hand scraped exposing its core energy. The emotions that are invoked in me are as unique as each original piece. It is a form of meditation by which I can explore and express without boundaries.

My next expression takes us to a different level through the kaleidoscope, mirror image and mandala. This is a process in which I photograph my original work through specialized lenses. This adds dimensionality that exposes the many layers beneath the surface that cannot be seen with the naked eye. It supports and encourages one to dream beyond what can be seen in the physical and brings magic to every moment.

Art reconnects you with your soul.
Art allows you to open new doorways and explore new worlds.
Art speaks to your soul and it allows you to be fully present in the moment.



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Personal Stories

Wellsville, Pa - December 7th, 2012

Artist Denise NIckey: I had always dreamed of becoming an Artist. As a young child I had a sense that I wanted to create something that was so amazing, that it would have such a profound effect on humanity. So, I attended art school for commercial art and learned that this was not my hearts desire. Art school felt very limiting to my spirit. So I gave up my dream of being an Artist. I then spent years floundering and caught up in the illusion of finding my purpose, making money, having material things, then ultimately becoming a successful Massage Therapist. I spent the next fifteen years, doing what I felt was service to others but still felt unfulfilled as an Artist. After many years of feeling disconnected from my own heart and spirit , I experienced a major health crisis. I spent years exploring all types of alternative therapies, completely changed my lifestyle, just searching for ...


Wellsville, Pa - August 17th, 2012

THE ARTISTIC CIRCLE FOUNDATION PRESENTS: “ART HEALS, THE POWER OF ART THERAPY” Philadelphia, PA, August 7, 2012 – During the entire month of August, The Artistic Circle Foundation artists will be displaying artwork in a group exhibition at the Da Vinci Art Alliance in the theme of art therapy. The artists include Rick Chapman, Rachel Harnish, Michele Renee Ledoux, David Mel, Denise Nickey, Ernesto Rodriguez, and Heather Crowley. The purpose of art therapy is essentially one of healing physical, mental, and emotional problems. The nine emerging to mid-career artists are from around the country and are displaying art in the media of digital, mixed, collage, prints, and paintings. Denise Nickey, an artist from Wellsville, PA, expresses how, “Art speaks to your soul! It allows you to be fully present in the moment and feel what is being expressed through the artwork. In the creation...