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Denise Wood

Kuwait - Kuwait

Denise Wood - Fine Artist

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About Denise Wood

My professional background is actually not in the world of fine art but in the world of dance. I studied to be an I.S.T.D (imperial Society of the Teachers of Dance) professional teacher, which later evolved to also include fitness, nutrition and personal training. I have to say I have loved every moment of my dance career, from the management side, to the training formation teams, the dance competitions and stage work. Even though I now only teach a few classes, the creativity of dance is very close to my heart, even if the knees are no longer quite so willing!

Art is something I almost studied on leaving school, I toyed with the idea of Art College and becoming an interior designer; my house gets continually rearranged as I try to fulfill my love of design. I revisited my interest in art when I moved with my husband to Abu Dhabi in 1997. I joined an art group and enjoyed the creative process so much, I have never stopped since.

Over the years I discovered the medium I prefer to work in, the simple pencil. I like the control I have over a portrait (I am a “slight” control freak) and the amount of detail I can achieve. In the same vain, my love of animals made them my natural subject matter; another very important part of my art is animal welfare, having lived in countries where animal welfare is severely lacking, I am very passionate about promoting responsibility to animals.

So in short, the dance shoes have now almost been hung up and the art side is being embraced. As long as life is creative!

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