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Dennis Wright

Greenwood, Indiana - United States








Dennis Wright

Greenwood, Indiana - United States

Dennis Wright - Fine Artist

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About Dennis Wright

Creating art from my photographs is my passion. For many years, I'd see my friends passionate about a hobby, but for me, I didn't understand it. I enjoyed doing many things, but passionate???? One year, a friend of mine fished 360 days, and he didn't live on a lake. I thought, Wow, that's passion! ...or more like an obsession, or recipe for divorce. However, I wasn't about to break the ice to get in the water, and break the ice to get back to the ramp.

Finally, I found my passion with photography. I've stood in icy water in sleeting rain before the rooster crowed to get a shot. Any passionate photographer will do whatever it takes to get a shot that they envision.

When I started, I jumped in the deep end of the water. ...sink or swim was my mentality, but I was sinking fast! I joined an international photo site, and didn't even know how to size a photo. I was really green! So I started posting photos that I actually thought were pretty good. :-) Well, needless to say, they made this old man cry like a baby! ...but learn, I did. Most of my photography friends live in parts of the world that I'd never heard of, and will probably never meet in person.

I live in the heart of the US, Indiana, home of the Indy 500, 2012 Superbowl, and, aka, the amateur sports capital of the world. ...I think we gave ourselves this title. :-) Being a developmental specialist in the scientific field pays the bills, but just as many PASSIONATE hours are spent taking and processing photos.

An artist, I am not; however, with the introduction of often expensive software, even the most simplest of imaginations mine, can produce an amazing look all of their own.

Some people dream with their eyes closed, and some people live their dream. My advice to anyone is: Find your passion, and live it.

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