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Denny Morreale

Canton, NY - United States








Denny Morreale

Canton, NY - United States

Denny Morreale - Fine Artist

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About Denny Morreale

I do a lot of stuff that, depending on your tastes and outlook, could be called art. A lot of painting, a lot of drawing. Iíve even written a song or two over the years. Ask someone thatís known me a while though, and Iíll bet theyíd tell you the thing I do better than any of this stuff is tell stories. Maybe it has to do with growing up in the little town of Corinth, NY in the Adirondack Moun
tains. These mountains have been home to some of the most legendary storytellers the world over, including the infamous Adirondack Liars Club, and my home town was no exception. Indeed, Corinth is home to many of the greatest bull-shitters youíll meet anywhere.

I learned from the best and would have to admit Iím probably a better story teller than I am ďfine artistĒ in the traditional sense. However, if you look at my body of work, youíd pretty much have to agree that its mostly just stories told visually. I do like to experiment and try things differently once in a while, but for the most part youíre not going to seeing me bring around anything particularly abstract, and if I do thereís probably some kind of story behind it.
Whether or not my work has any kind of meaning behind it Iíll leave for the viewer to decide, but I can say that there has got to be some kind of wisdom being shared. Of course, the value of that wisdom will vary from viewer to viewer, but you could say the same about any kind of story.

Iíve heard people describe my work as falling under the category of ĎExpressionistí. I see where theyíre coming from, but I prefer to think of it as ĎRealistí with some bull-shitter tendencies.

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