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Dessie Durham

Remington, VA - United States








Dessie Durham

Remington, VA - United States

Dessie Durham - Fine Artist

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About Dessie Durham

Welcome to my website of original digital art. My favorite mediums are oil, acyclic and watercolor. For many years, I have been a traditional painter, and am now expanding my work into the world of Digital art, so that I can share my paintings with a broader audience.

Digital technology offers me many opportunities to use other mediums, such as chalk, charcoal, impasto, pens and many other tools to create and ever-expanding portfolio. The work is relaxing and carefree and paint cleanup is accomplished with a click of the delete key. Colors change instantly and drying time has been drastically reduced!

I paint using digital art the same way as I do traditional painting; using the same types of brushes, same kinds of mediums, and nothing has changed in how I paint, except this technology offers me more tools.

Art collectors from twelve states have collected my traditional art work over the years, and now that I am showing digital works of art I would like to invite each one of my visitors to tour my website and enjoy my art work.

Although I am a self-taught artist, I value formal training and have attended many workshops and seminars during my career. I enjoy studying the methods, techniques, and diversity offered by other artists. The year I turned twelve I was fortunate to have a teacher that sparked within me an interest in drawing and headed me along a life long path of painting.

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I have exhibited in many art shows, won numerous awards, received many blue ribbons and thoroughly enjoy creating my paintings. I hope my work brings pleasure to your eye. Please enjoy!

Dessie H. Durham, Artist


My Artist statement: The door to my artist website is all ways open to welcome you to explore my Eclectic Oil paint and Acrylic art work. You asked: Why do you I paint? I paint because I must have something that adds a fuller dimension to my life that extends beyond my own creative control. I have been painting in oils and acrylics for over fifty years and every day new ways of exploring the use of the mediums are opened up to me. In my blog; I hope that I can communicate to you just how I can reach out to other artist in a way that will help every one grow and be stronger in their own growth as an artist. To collectors, when I buy a piece of art I strive to see the story behind the piece of art that I have just bought, for there is always a story! Why did this artist paint this particular piece? Did it remind him of something from a memory in his own life? Was it the colors that you wanted for your home décor, or because you can sing and you feel sorry for him and the artist can’t carry a tune in a gallon bucket, “like me!” Have a great life and a happy day!

Happy painting,

Dessie H. Durham, Artist

All images are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without my permission.


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Mountan Range Abstract by Dessie Durham


Flying Home by Dessie Durham


Tree Forest by Dessie Durham


Colors of Nature by Dessie Durham


Hurricane by Dessie Durham


Circle of Life by Dessie Durham


Mysterious and Beyond by Dessie Durham


Depth of Nature by Dessie Durham


Blue Purple Orange Emeral Green Black Abstract by Dessie Durham


Abstract Tangerine Medoly by Dessie Durham


Abstract Red and Black by Dessie Durham


Abstract Circle of Light by Dessie Durham


Abstract Bronze Beauty by Dessie Durham


Abstract Silver Lining by Dessie Durham


Abstract An Enchanting Life by Dessie Durham


Abstract Lustrous Gleam by Dessie Durham


Abstract Whispering Leaves by Dessie Durham


Abstract Circle of Life by Dessie Durham


Orbiting Stars by Dessie Durham


Abstract One Peony with Red Roses by Dessie Durham


Lights in the night by Dessie Durham


Abstract Rising Moon by Dessie Durham


Modern Abstract With Foot by Dessie Durham


Enigmatic Puzzle by Dessie Durham

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