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Devan Gregori

San Leandro, CA - United States








Devan Gregori

San Leandro, CA - United States

Devan Gregori - Fine Artist

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About Devan Gregori

I have always loved anything that I could create from my imagination. When I was nine years old, my grandparents took me to an exhibit on Wayne Thiebaud at the Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. It was his painting, Confections, that spellbound me. The daring use of color, bold lines, the everyday object turned into the fantastic….it was incredible. My grandmother bought a compilation of his work, and whenever I spent time at her house in the country, I sat at her easel, with my newly purchased acrylic paints, and copied his works.

Born in San Francisco, California, I was fortunate to spend my childhood in an incredibly vibrant, expressive community. Street music, public murals, art festivals and the diversity of people really cultivated my imagination and creativity. My parents recognized my interest in art and enrolled me in a few classes which I took enthusiastically. However, as I grew older, studies became more demanding, and art soon was pushed aside to make way for more “practical” endeavors.

However, after receiving my B.A. in French at U.C. Berkeley, I took a leap and moved to Lyon, France where I worked as an elementary school teacher. It was here that I reconnected with my passion for the fine arts. I painted, sketched, drew in pen and ink – I knew that I had to incorporate this love into my life work.

So I decided to apply to design school and really devote my life to artistry. I have been accepted to the École de Condé in Lyon, France where I will start studies this fall.

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Wonder by Devan Gregori


Utopia by Devan Gregori


Tranquil Blue by Devan Gregori


Little Technicolor Soldier by Devan Gregori


Fourviere by Devan Gregori


Tour Eiffel by Devan Gregori


Pont Rouge by Devan Gregori


Strasbourg Sunday by Devan Gregori


Abstract Noir et Blanc No 1 by Devan Gregori


Abstract Noir et Blanc No 2 by Devan Gregori


Abstract Noir et Blanc No 3 by Devan Gregori


Punch Buggy Yellow by Devan Gregori


Lion of Lyon by Devan Gregori


Cotes du Rhone by Devan Gregori


Chevron Peacock by Devan Gregori


Bialetti by Devan Gregori


Cherry on Top by Devan Gregori


Morocco by Devan Gregori


The Perfect Pair by Devan Gregori


Perched by Devan Gregori


Imagination Liberated by Devan Gregori


Flower Tree by Devan Gregori

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