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Dion Dior

Cedar Falls, IA - United States








Dion Dior

Cedar Falls, IA - United States

Dion Dior - Fine Artist

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About Dion Dior

My mother says I was born with a paintbrush in hand, and when I look back at my life, that was probably true. I was born and raised by the sea in Australia where the treasure to be found in a rock pool was more valuable than the crown jewels. I grew up alongside three very talented and vivacious siblings, each with their own unique potential. Our house was filled with energy, laughter, and arguments over the bathroom.

I graduated from college and spent several jam-packed decades painting, writing, and traveling as a woman alone. I met my husband on the roof of the world, trekking to Mt Everest Base Camp, two years later our daughter was born, and four years after that our son arrived, 16 weeks premature. Within the blink of an eye, our rather predictable and simple life was promptly turned upside down. After five months in the NICU, 2 years on oxygen and a medical regime that would give you whiplash, he is now thriving. Hes taught me that life is rarely what you expect, and never what you plan.

Today I live far from my homeland down-under, in rural Iowa, where my attempts at growing a veggie garden have been disastrous. I am a mother; artist; writer; and teacher, and I can tell you that that paintbrush is still in my hand. Throughout my life I have been driven by my desire to create and as the years have passed, art has remained my anchor.

I love color and I particularly love sparkle and shimmer. My art is not finished until it pops off the page with energy and illumination. I draw most of my inspiration from nature and use her many faces to fuel my work. My journal and sketchbook pages are filled with luscious, shimmering color; they are treasured expressions of my endless adventures. My art is known for its boldness and color, and my classes are jam packed with color, fun, and valuable knowledge.

Please enjoy browsing my shop and let me know how I can help you.

xx Dion.

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Apricot Blossom by Dion Dior


Hydrangea by Dion Dior


Campanula by Dion Dior


Trio of Pears by Dion Dior


Two Poppies by Dion Dior


Fuchsia by Dion Dior


Glorious Tulips by Dion Dior


Vase of Tulips by Dion Dior


Wild Flower Memories by Dion Dior


Daisy Patch by Dion Dior


Day Lily Delight by Dion Dior


Vase of Rises by Dion Dior


Gum Leaves by Dion Dior


Rainbow Insect by Dion Dior


Flight of the Dragonfly by Dion Dior


Dragonfly by Dion Dior


Grape Vine by Dion Dior


Blueberries by Dion Dior


Rose by Dion Dior


Cone Flower by Dion Dior


Daisies by Dion Dior


Daisy Thoughts by Dion Dior


Blossom of Orange by Dion Dior


Spring Garden by Dion Dior

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