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Don Lanier

Oklahoma City, OK - United States

Don Lanier - Fine Artist

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My first recollection of photography takes me all the way back to 1964. My family was going to take a vacation to Yellowstone National Park. My dad had an Agfa 35mm that he used strictly for slides and even though I was intrigued by it I wanted my own camera. I was only 9 years old at the time and didn't have much money, but I saw on a Bazooka Bubble Gum wrapper where I could buy my very own camera for fifty cents. Finally after saving for what seemed like several weeks I was able to order my very own camera. I bought two rolls of 110 film and the only thing I remember taking a picture of was Old Faithful Geyser. The first time I saw the water and steam shoot into the air I was scrambling for the best location to take pictures with my new camera. In less than two minutes, I had taken 21 shots of the same thing, the only difference was the height of the water shooting out of the ground.

I've graduated to a little higher grade of camera now but, I will admit, there are times I still might take 21 shots of something that I love and most likely it will still be something to do with nature. My wife and I love taking trips, whether it's on a cruise or just staying in Oklahoma, to get away and enjoy the outdoors and to take pictures of anything and everything from Mount McKinley(Alaska), Mount Haleakala(Hawaii) to the Southern Caribbean. I've never had a specialty, like so many photographers, but my favorite pics are sunrises/sunsets. Just like fingerprints no two are exactly alike. There's just something about being out before the sun comes up, sitting or standing there in the fresh air, waiting for just that one magical moment.

I hope in this digital age we live in, where everyone has a camera, you enjoy my impression of the images I've taken as much as I've enjoyed bringing them to you.

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