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Don Medina

Pueblo West, CO - United States








Don Medina

Pueblo West, CO - United States

Don Medina - Fine Artist

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About Don Medina

Born and raised in Pueblo Colorado, Don has always been a part of the Art community. Don became more serious when he saw how it affected people. His love for Graphite, the blending and shading that can be done with such simple instruments, was amazing. One question that Don is often asked is why he doesnít add color to his drawings. The answer is quite shocking, he is color blind. Donís disability has become one of his greatest assets. Even though he has started using Acrylic you might see variations of colors and that is also due to his disability but also makes the painting unique.
He loves to see the joy in people as the admire his Art. His Drawings have been donated to Help with various organizations such as St Jude, Alzheimers Assoc and He is a big Advocate for the Traumatic Brain Injury Group of Pueblo.
The Art of Don Medina is produced with the passion for the Art that he holds near and dear to his heart. Most of his Drawings are available in Limited edition Prints. He can be contacted at 719-406-0735. Visit him on Facebook at 'The Art of Don Medina'.

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