Dori Sanz - Fine Artist

Dori Sanz

Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires - Argentina








Dori Sanz

Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires - Argentina

Dori Sanz - Fine Artist

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About Dori Sanz

Dori Sanz is a contemporary artist born in Argentina, Buenos Aires.
Multifaceted, in his work for nearly 30 years has been devoted to materials research, various techniques and means achieving a personal style in their work.
His most used medium is acrylic, but the digital art occupies an important place in his work.
In 1999 he founded his own language, art and design, online space for the dissemination of visual arts.
He majored in Cultural Management and new technologies.
Dori Sanz paintings are now in private collections in Argentina.
In his work he says:
From of a sensation or emotion. So the idea … up to the image you have or do not have to do with reality. 'Express the moment and these changing with the days. '

“I am passionate about light in nature, in man and in life, seduces me to convey moments of color and movement.”


. En Contraste - Pilar - 2012

. Galería La Bladouse - Palermo Soho - 2012

. Art Road - Sofitel Cardales - 2011

. Galería El Círculo - Buenos Aires - 2011

. Art Road - Sofitel Cardales - 2010

. Galería Alicia Brandy - Buenos Aires - 2010

. Arte Clásica - Buenos Aires - 2009

. Espacio10 arte. Fine Art Gallery - 2008

. Hotel Howard Jonson - Buenos Aires - 2007


. Hotel Howard Jonson

. Unisono

. Cambremon Hotel

. Instituto Nueva Escuela de Diseño y Comunicación

. Estudio Dori Sanz

. Nouvelle Dekora

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Kitesurf by Dori Sanz


Homeward by Dori Sanz


Lights in Puerto Madero by Dori Sanz


Seascapes by Dori Sanz


Splash by Dori Sanz


Dalia by Dori Sanz


Correct swing by Dori Sanz


Whites by Dori Sanz


Natural Gold by Dori Sanz


Tribute to Angel Cabrera by Dori Sanz


Full swing by Dori Sanz


Brightness by Dori Sanz

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