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Dorne Ann

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Dorne Ann - Fine Artist

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About Dorne Ann

Born in Nottingham England.

Though interested in art from an early age I didn't know I could paint until I was in my late teens when I got the chance to try it. I judged that I must have had some artistic talent from the fact that my first painting, a sea scene sold before it was even up for sale. That went to Wales. With the money from that I went on to buy more paints and canvas and so it started.

My first commission was by accident. Someone called about something else and caught me painting. I didn't want to do what they were asking of me so I trebled the first figure I thought of in hopes he would go away. However, he accepted and I was stuck to do a subject I wasn't interested in. It was a total surprise to me to discover I made a good job of it. He was pleased and gave me a tip and I learned I was capable of more than I thought.

I have done many paintings since then but lack of a camera and moving around they didn't get recorded, except with my name. They are scattered around the world. A customer lost his temper with me once saying I should paint every day but I really couldn't do that. My art interests and being inspired follows through many mediums and only this year, 2015 I have gone into acrylics instead of oils. It is so much fun to play again. I love doing the fluid art as that is quick in comparison to my painting in oils as I am slow at that. Paint dripping off my elbows and sometimes onto my feet. I have to double check before going out that ive got it all off as sometimes I miss a bit and a friend will say' I guess you have been painting again'. But then I smile as I notice, my toe nails or finger nails were not that color yesterday :)

So, onwards and forwards and I continue forever to learn. I hope you get some pleasure from what I do.

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