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Duwayne Washington

Tallahassee, FL - United States








Duwayne Washington

Tallahassee, FL - United States

Duwayne Washington - Fine Artist

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About Duwayne Washington

Greetings and Peace! I originally hail from East Orange, NJ. I am a father with two children living in beautiful Tallahassee, Florida. I drew as a kid for a energy release. Honestly I was too busy playing outside to be focused on art. I did drawings on small pieces of paper here and there. At age 11, I joined my middle school band playing clarinet and oboe. Music was first artform I was truly passionate about. I played through high school, and began to play the drums in college. Upon staying with a friend about 97', I was introduced to painting. He had oil paints, q-tips, and ceramic tile. We stayed up all night painting. I was turned on with the visual arts from that moment on thanks to my friend and his generosity. I bought three brushes ,oil paint and began to paint on found objects. I've been painting ,drawing ,and sculpting ever since. I do digital work as well.

When I do artwork, I prefer to have some Jazz on I get in the zone. Creativity is an amazing divine gift from The Creator. I am thankful everday to have the focus and passion to be creative. I have alot say in my work. I am trying to achieve a balance between content and transcendental clairvoyance. I am listening to my intuition to hear what the artistic accidents reveal to my consciousness and follow them. Lately I've been working on my art technique while attending Tallahassee Community College. I use digital art ,as a tool in some of my artwork, t-shirts, etc. I put it back in the artistic toolbox when I'm done. I am building my art foundations in hands-on painting, drawing ,sculpture etc. I love the whole process of planning, mixing, and application of creative materials. I enjoy how time and space stops while engaged in the 'Art Zone.' Artists are, in my opinion, psychics whose channel is the paintbrush and canvas. I want to open myself up to the voice leading me to the inspiration and listen.

Thank You for your Time and Energy! Peace and Blessings!

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