Dylan Punke - Fine Artist

Dylan Punke

Chenoa, IL - United States








Dylan Punke

Chenoa, IL - United States

Dylan Punke - Fine Artist

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December 10th, 2008







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About Dylan Punke

I deem myself as someone that attempts to capture the beauty of what I see and portray these visions for others. I make an attempt in not only trying to replicate that natural beauty of what I see, but also in trying to manipulate it in a way that corresponds to what I want to portray in the beauty.

I am also fascinated how we as humans have utilized and altered this great earth. I make an attempt to take traces from human existence and our efforts and put them into the grand scheme of things; that no matter how “great” we think one of our creations are that all is impermanent, that all have their day in the sun, and that all fade away. With this focus, no matter where I stand to shoot I try to appreciate the moment for all it is. To me, everything is worth its merit. Nothing is of waste.

I currently am showing my works full-time at art festivals primarily in the midwest of the United States. If you are ever around, please feel free to stop by a showing and see the work in person. Although I currently don't offer any prices on FAA, I do sell limited signed works. Enjoy yourself and thanks!

Please click the 'View Website' link above to view many more of my photographic works.

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