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Eddie G

Oceanside, CA - United States








Eddie G

Oceanside, CA - United States

Eddie G - Fine Artist

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I am Eddie G. Original from the East Coast, via the great city of Boston, Massachusetts. Studied theater/film at University of Massachusetts - Amherst. Loves all form of Art. Started taking photography with iPhone back in summer 2012, Started as a means to past time, then as time goes by, became more than a hobby. It was like an obsession. I was able to see the world differently, and was able to show that view to others, Some say I have an 'eye' for things. Its basically paying attention to details that others usually over look.

My goal is to hopefully have my work sell as art to art lovers around the world, and hopefully with the sales, I can open an art gallery, where other unknown photographers and artists can display their hard work to the public and get the recognition that they deserve. I am unknown, with many talents, and its a 'know one to progress world.' I just want to give artist the opportunity that i am striving for, the possibility of helping others progress.

I am a photographer who works with many mediums from Seattle, WA and now residing in San Diego (North County Region). My Camera of choice is the iPhone, Android, and Canon. It is my portable work desk/studio in my pocket. All my pictures are taken and edited with the iPhone/Android and iPhone/Android Camera Apps. Feel free to like, follow, comment, and of course purchase my work. It will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for visiting and reading. In conclusion, like I've said to other amateur artists, 'Keep Looking! Keep Snapping! Keep Inspiring!' Have a great day.

Eddie G

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Along the Path by Eddie G


To Break by Eddie G


Tri-Yellow Flowers by Eddie G


Barnacle Shell by Eddie G


Light Feather by Eddie G


Waterfront Shine by Eddie G


Shell Ashore by Eddie G


Yellow Dew by Eddie G


In Between Growth by Eddie G


Trucker Red by Eddie G


Green Spot Kitty by Eddie G


Rain Out by Eddie G


Heart of Leaf by Eddie G


Pigeon Flight by Eddie G


Sunrise by Eddie G


Cal Anderson by Eddie G


Space Needle by Eddie G


Flower Decor by Eddie G


Deep Blue Night by Eddie G


Neon City Night by Eddie G


From The Ground by Eddie G


Sun Rises Wheatley by Eddie G


Acorn Feather On Rocks by Eddie G


Know Your Tracks by Eddie G

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