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Lalo Gutierrez

Oaxaca, Oa - Mexico








Lalo Gutierrez

Oaxaca, Oa - Mexico

Lalo Gutierrez - Fine Artist

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About Lalo Gutierrez

Hello, I was born in the midst of the long US-Mexico border, just in the camp of the construction site, the Falcon Dam, located between the states of Tamaulipas, Mex. And Falcon, Texas, USA, on the famous Rio Bravo, I have Mexican nationality and have lived in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico for the past 20 years, I am a graduate of any school of art, I have no honors of any kind, I remember drawing and painting since I was 5 years old. For 15 years.

I only do abstract visual art with all the words spiritual and love the center of my being, the plasticity on canvas on a wood or paper with the help of the Spirit of Christ living God now me.

I thank you in advance for your valuable time, I invite you to observe their work and receive this spiritual abstract art in you.
Also you receive a warm greeting,

God bless you.

Lalo Gutierrez.

The advance of digital imagery signifies that almost anything is possible within the realm of our visual spiritual imagination. It has been Lalo Gutierrez aim to create abstrac art work that is most definitely painted; accomplished by using rich textures, colors, oils, acrilics, inks, multiple layers, poured paint and brush/palette knife marks. This becomes a way of escaping the everyday, mass produced visuals that we are constantly exposed to and the way in which we now digest and assimilate our visual world. His approach is to record and comment on things that are more than visually apparent: to tease out more than the eye can see, to draw people in and invite them to experience not just consume an image.

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Oil of Joy by Lalo Gutierrez


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Desolation by Lalo Gutierrez


Abstrac yellow by Lalo Gutierrez


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Spiritual abstrac 38 by Lalo Gutierrez


The true spirit of forgiveness towards others forgive you and you free yourself by Lalo Gutierrez


Abstrac 78 by Lalo Gutierrez


Abstrac77 by Lalo Gutierrez


The fountain of living water by Lalo Gutierrez


As I have glorified and will glorify it again by Lalo Gutierrez

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