Elaine Van Staalduinen - Fine Artist

Elaine Van Staalduinen

Nelson, BC - Canada








Elaine Van Staalduinen

Nelson, BC - Canada

Elaine Van Staalduinen - Fine Artist

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About Elaine Van Staalduinen

Elaine grew up thinking that drawing and painting were things that other people did; she was not exposed to art and on the rare occasion when she did see an artist at work, she believed it to be magic and by that, she meant not something that she would ever consider herself capable of doing.

In her mid-forties, she moved for a period to Spain and discovered art, both in her own home and in the museums and art shows in Madrid. The fact that art was everywhere made her realize that it was there for everyone; it was there for anyone who wanted to try it.... so she did. Within a year, she had moved from drawing with graphite to ink (which she prefers) 'because pencil makes me think I'll make mistakes and ink makes me accept whatever happens and incorporate it into the piece'. Somewhere and somehow during this move into creating art, she lost touch with her past and finds it impossible to believe that she once lived without having art in her own life.

Self-taught and having always been a risk-taker, she is moving more and more into working blind - playing with materials to explore ways of using them to discover the marks and textures that appeal to her visually rather than already knowing how a piece is going to be created. Perhaps the most exciting part of creating art for her, she says, is the 'not-knowing'. 'It is stimulating and yes, magical, to delve into the unknown and after an involved period of being in the 'no-time zone' returning to the every day with something completely unexpected.'*

Ten years later, she's become 'hooked on' photograpy as she can now use the artistic eye that she has developed to see 'paintings' everywhere. She also continues to be fascinated by, and in awe of, the transformations that take place as sheets of paper grow into works of art. Sharing the art with you, for her as an artist, is a vital part of the creative process.

'Any piece of art is only truly validated, in the mind of the artist, when it has moved the soul of another human being.'

TO SEE OTHER WORK BY THE ARTIST, VISIT THE WEBPAGE: http://www.elainevanstaalduinen.com

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