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Elaine Ward

New York, NY - United States








Elaine Ward

New York, NY - United States

Elaine Ward - Fine Artist

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About Elaine Ward

I started my journey as a painter at a very young age and knew from the beginning that this is something I wanted to do. As I grew and went through my different phases, I tried to keep the innocence, joy and spontaneity of the child, with the intellectual awareness of the artist. Its been a fantastic voyage for me and I would like to share some of it with you.

My summer series group of painting were made while leaving in the south of France. We lived across the croisette, and everyday was a beach day. Nature has always been an important theme in all my work, and the way the bodies mingled with the sea, sand and sky harmonized for me to make a lovely balance of color and form.

Flower series
I had a dark period in my life and was struggling to express myself on canvas, and went back to my childhood. My family is in the flower business, and as a child I spend many hours arranging and working with flowers. And so again I go back to the beginning to go forward. And like the flowers, I opened and started to bloom.

Sea Paintings
There was this huge boulder jutting out from the sea, and over the years the sea parted to accommodate the rock, making the rock smoother, and the ripple it caused affected the course of the sea. I felt that we are all linked together in different ways, and for me that's what creates harmony in nature.

Whimsy Series
These paintings represent to me the joy of life as I saw it as a child with the awareness of me, the adult, as an artist. Ive taken paintings I have done in the past and cut with scissors pieces and parts, and pasted them together to create my 'whimsy' series. They are a culmination of many years of painting, and I can say I have arrived at a place that is truly mine.

I also started to do Giclee prints which have been very well received.

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Water Fantasyll by Elaine Ward


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