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Elena Bulatova

Oceanside, California - United States








Elena Bulatova

Oceanside, California - United States

Elena Bulatova - Fine Artist

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About Elena Bulatova


Elena was born in Alexandrov, Russia in 1983. A multi-talented painter benefited from the immersion of modern art and culture from childhood with classical music, the paintings and artwork of old masters and famous artists surrounding her.

Bulatovaís artistic and creative instincts gained life when she started painting at the age of six which prompted her parents to seek formal education for her in art school and through private lessons. She was studying music and art simultaneously until the age of seventeen when she gained entrance into the most competitive university in Russia. Her renderings celebrated her love for the fine arts through playing violin in the university chamber orchestra.

Bulatova graduated from Moscow State University in 2006 and continued her work on doctorate degree in economics in MSU and Yale, USA where she moved in 2007.

Traveling extensively, Bulatova visited various European and Asian capitals, and many regions of her native Russia. She lived in Rennes, France during the years of studies as well. This exposure to the diverse, rich, and vast cultures of centuries of global art and music continued to mold her inherent artistic qualities.

Every artwork is the result of long painting process; every canvas is born during the creative search; every painting is full of her inner world. Each of her paintings brings different moods, colors and emotions. Elena Bulatova loves to express the beauty, harmony and spirit of this world in her paintings. With her heart completely open to art, she enjoys creating inspired and beautiful paintings from the bottom of her soul. Each of her artworks reflects her feelings, sensitivity, passion, and the music from her soul.

Elena Bulatova presently resides in Palm Springs, California. She knows that being in a state of comfort is destructive to the creativity of an artist, so she is constantly at work, in the further development of her unique art style.

My work is very much about process. The process is one of action/reaction.

My most recent work is about the thrill of exploring and experimenting with a variety of methods of applying acrylic color on raw canvas, taking big risks and looking for new combinations that Iíve never done before. My approach is very intuitive; there are no sketches to work from, little predetermined choice of color.

The process begins with an initial application of paint and continues as I react to subsequent layers, it concludes when a final action no longer evokes reaction.

For me painting is like an intense compulsion motivated by the love of the process itself, allowing me to become more comfortable with uncertainty and unpredictability which opens up a whole world of new possibilities. Born of spontaneity, the work is a reflection of myself at the time of its creation.

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