Emily Stauring - Fine Artist

Emily Stauring

Arkport, NY - United States








Emily Stauring

Arkport, NY - United States

Emily Stauring - Fine Artist

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About Emily Stauring

Making the mortal, immortal. That statement is the basic belief behind my photography. I am constantly looking for the life in ordinary objects and capturing them for others to be inspired by for a lifetime. My main effort is to bring the unseen into sight, allowing people the opportunity to enlighten their senses through the visual world.

My work encapsulates the unique perspective of the land we live. My camera stops at nothing, from abandoned buildings and discarded objects to snowy landscapes and spectacular wildlife. I photograph anything that I believe has a story to tell, even after I am gone.

Though based in New York’s southern tier, I have sold my images to every continent of the world. I am self-taught with no formal training and have enjoyed photography since the age of 4. My hope is to arouse the soul to the intrigue of the generally “unseen” world.

All photographs appearing on this site are the exclusive property of Emily Stauring and are protected under international copyright treaties. They are made available for your personal viewing enjoyment and purchase ONLY. No images are within the Public Domain. The photographs may not be copied, reproduced, redistributed, manipulated, projected, used or altered in any way without the prior express written permission of Emily Stauring and payment of a fee or arrangement thereof.

Permission is explicitly denied for any republication of photographs in this site without the prior express written consent of the author, Emily Stauring. This includes publishing in print and on the internet for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Permission to link to this site from your web page is freely given. Direct linking to images is strictly forbidden.

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Bear Meadow by Emily Stauring


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Descent by Emily Stauring


Hallway Of Lights by Emily Stauring


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Miss Scarlett by Emily Stauring


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Mr Cranky Pants by Emily Stauring


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Howl by Emily Stauring


Ready To Pounce by Emily Stauring


Mexican Prince by Emily Stauring


Grace Marries Power by Emily Stauring


Against All Odds by Emily Stauring


Meeks Cattle by Emily Stauring

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