Enoch Mukiibi - Fine Artist

Enoch Mukiibi

Kampala, Kampala - Uganda








Enoch Mukiibi

Kampala, Kampala - Uganda

Enoch Mukiibi - Fine Artist

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About Enoch Mukiibi

Enoch Alirwana Mukiibi, was born in 1975 in a family of nine to an artist father, Mugalula Mukiibi.Unlike his siblings’ attending boarding schools, Mukiibi an asthmatic was a day scholar. At home he spent most of his time in his father’s studio/gallery where he made up his mind to becoming an artist too when he grew up.

When he was older, Mukiibi attended secondary school at the prestigious King’s College Buddo where he first got exposed to formal classes.
One of my art lessons resulted into punishment (a slap on the cheek). The exercise was to draw an orange with a lead pencil, since the orange was all green, I shaded it all over with the one tool I had, the pencil’s drew my circle and shaded it black regardless of the light effect. The impatient teacher’s question as to why the light around the orange was given no consideration was punctuated by a slap. But this unfortunate beginning did not deter me. It only strengthened my resolve.

At University, he pursued a degree course in Literature and Social linguistics, graduating in 2000. Throughout the three-year course, he held onto his childhood dream of being an artist, and upon completion, he decided to practice art fulltime, which he has successfully done since. Mukiibi paints with oils, acrylics and watercolor. He paints with bare fingers, brushes and palette knives executing bold thick-layered strokes. There is a stubborn freedom seen in these strokes. He talks about day-to-day activities in a rural African setting—mothers and children, water carriers, children at play – all in semi abstract forms.

Enoch is also The AIDCHILD Artist of the year 2005 and 2007. AIDCHILD is a charity organization looking after enfant orphans living with HIV/AIDS. Most of Enoch’s works are displayed at Equation Café at the Equator along Masaka road (Uganda) and 50% of the proceeds go towards the Welfare of the orphans

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