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Erhan Ozbiyik

Antalya - Turkey

Erhan Ozbiyik - Fine Artist

Erhan Ozbiyik

Member Since: 10/03/2012

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'I don’t have the fear of darkness; The light inside of my heart is enough to lighten my path… -Erhan OZBIYIK'

I was born in 1972
I was born and raised in Turkey and I believe in only goodness. I think, it is the common religion of the universe.. I have a complete understanding and respect of traditions of the world as well as religions.. This is how I express myself only.. Therefore, I am not a nationalist, not a religious or fan of anything but art includes the music.. I love listening as well as playing some instruments and compose in a home studio..

A simple shot can;
Point out/
Manipulate the thoughts.. Its a visual art & reflection of a soul..

My first camera was a ZENIT when I was 12-16 yrs old since then, have had plenty of DX cameras currently owning a Nikon D-60.. Most of my images or works are based on deep thoughts, feels and emotions.. They all are real and symbolize what I feel, what I see and how I think…

What I’m Into:
Into anything “feels real good”.. Learning is one of my passions... People say that it is easy to talk to me.
Talking / thinking about anything brings more intelligence and new ideas maybe realities too..Besides taking picture; composing or playing piano and some other instruments, playing basketball, reading, walking, driving, swimming, diving, making tests about chemicals, writing (poetry or philosophy ), listening to anyone’s idea as well as teaching to who wants to learn anything I know, repairing electronics. I really have hundreds of hobbies and most of them are at professional levels.

I am a self-taught climber so I AM A NATURE LOVER..
I have never educated for it and have never had a course or anything about it. I am climbing since I am 14; with or without any equipment.. All I do is, thinking and watching the conditions.. Until todays, I have been on many peaks. I keep climbing by my own and most of the times alone / called as SOLO CLIMBING… I have no fear of any possible mistakes. I know that, any mistake I ever do will teach me something about. And knowledge is expensive.. It is the most valuable fact of the universe and am ready to pay for it. So climbing,hiking & trekking are my passion as well as photography & music...

MY RECIPE of a personality:
1.Being honest.
2.Being fair.
3.Being patient.
4.Being researcher.
5.Helping others as much as I can.
6.Never expecting anything from the others.
7.Being humanist..
8.Hoping the good and working for good to reach good.
9.Sacrifice is a mean word in my life.

And !!! Keep smiling :))
Most valuable thing of the universe to me is ..... K N O W L E D G E ...

Photography is the art of training the eyes & The Eyes In The Heart..

My door is open for the everyone I can learn from. And I believe, there is always something we can learn from each-other..
I like independent, confident people. Not 'pushed' between common ideas, traditions or anything like that.. I like thinking, learning and I am an open minded person ...

I don't think I have much ego left for being number one or the best, no checking ups..

I accept everyone as they are and I dislike liars… I can tell anything I need to on the face of anyone and I would not hide anything from a person away… As I wrote ; I like being confident & honest and I like people confident and honest. :o)

Feel free to criticize my works...
Thank you very much for your supports, comments and views.

Antalya, TURKEY


And the song...

LENS:AF-S NIKKOR 18-55 mm. 13.5-5.6 G II ED

No filters, not any other equipment but a tripod and the recharge unit.
I like “untouched shot” or “as is shot”, or straight from the camera as no crop/treatment

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