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Erik Poppke

West Jordan, UT - United States








Erik Poppke

West Jordan, UT - United States

Erik Poppke - Fine Artist

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About Erik Poppke

Erik Poppke, Director of Lotus Photographic Safari's is a professional fine-art photographer with extensive experience in national and public television. Interest in communication and travel lead Erik to an assignment as a communication intelligence specialist with The American Embassy on the island of Cyprus followed by a two year tenure with the FBI in Washington D.C.
Ready for a change, he decided to explore his talents in the entertainment industry and thus began a long and successful career in national and Public television. For twelve years, Erik served as Stage Director of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He also stage directed numerous NBC, ABC and free-lance productions, such as Hallmark Hall of Fame, Laugh-In, Dean Martin, Oscar and Emmy shows, the Boston Symphony and a multitude of news and musical productions. Working with NBC and ABC Sports included field productions such as the Super Bowl, NFL football, Pebble Beach golf and numerous other classics. One of Erik's most memorable experiences was an opportunity at Cape Kennedy to direct a live televised segment of the first manned moon launching for NBC.
Erik enjoyed an affiliation with the WGBH Educational Foundation (PBS) creating and serving as on-air host of a popular 90 minute live weekly series exploring the inter-relationship of science, art, religion and music. His romance with nature and large-format photography was inspired and began with his training in Yousemite National Park with Ansel Adams and Philip Hyde, blossoming into a career in fine-art, architectural and industrial photography. His lithographs have been sold in the U.S. national parks, as well as world-wide.
Combining his passion for photography, art and travel, Erik created and lead photographic safari's to exotic locales such as Botswana's Okavango Delta in Africa, South America, and the canyon lands of the US. His next venture is a planned trip to Namibia South East Africa. Contact Erik at

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Pinon on Rocks GND Cyn by Erik Poppke


Escalante Mound by Erik Poppke


IR Tree Escalante by Erik Poppke


Encinitas Orchid by Erik Poppke


90272 Warrior on Horse IR by Erik Poppke


90271 AZ Gnd Cyn IR Pinon on Rocks by Erik Poppke


Bristlecone Pine by Erik Poppke


Calle Lily by Erik Poppke


Proxy Falls by Erik Poppke


Tarahumara Child by Erik Poppke


TX Live Oak by Erik Poppke


Sedona Redrock by Erik Poppke


Shiprock East Face by Erik Poppke


Death Valley by Erik Poppke


Antelope Cyn Cave close-up by Erik Poppke


Shiprock Dyke close-up by Erik Poppke


Shiprock Dyke long view by Erik Poppke


Hoh Rainforest by Erik Poppke


White Sands NM Panorama by Erik Poppke


White Sands NM by Erik Poppke


Shiprock Panorama by Erik Poppke


Lady at River by Erik Poppke


Antelope CYN cave full view by Erik Poppke


Eden Joy SRF Garden by Erik Poppke


Bird of Paradise by Erik Poppke


Color cloud NM by Erik Poppke


Inca Ruins Peru Machu Picchu by Erik Poppke


Inca Ruins Machu Picchu Peru by Erik Poppke


Raibow Bridge by Erik Poppke


Shiprock evening panorama by Erik Poppke


Lilac by Erik Poppke


Edenjoy Dryer by Erik Poppke


Edenjoy Mozart by Erik Poppke


Canyon de Chelly by Erik Poppke


90261 NM cloud by Erik Poppke


90260 NM cloud by Erik Poppke


Tarahumara Family by Erik Poppke

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   |   Images = 37