Erla Alberts - Fine Artist

Erla Alberts

Regstrup, DK - Denmark








Erla Alberts

Regstrup, DK - Denmark

Erla Alberts - Fine Artist

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About Erla Alberts

As an Icelander I have the fire and ice, the contrasts, the spiritual mistery and magic of my homeland bread into my genes.

A homeland that contains everything from, hot springs of happines, to open landskapes of silence,
where only the wind and the birds makes soft music.

Creeks chattering away whith their endless story of the past, about what they have seen on their long jurney from the core of the earth,
then turning into noisy rivers and roaring waterfalls.

Tempramental mountains who spyts fire, brimstone and poisen gasses, destroying everything on their path.....just to give birth to new land, new life.

And then it all starts over again, endless silence, wind wispering, bird singing.....Schhh...........

The mythology, old tales of my forfathers, viking gods, elfes, demonds and dragons have been very mutch present in my life from the day I was born.

They all live in my blood. my dreams and my spirit.
Watch the images and you will see small fractions of my soul.

The rest......I keep for my selv.......Schhh..........

Erla Albertsd˛ttir

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