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Eve Corin

Berlin - Germany








Eve Corin

Berlin - Germany

Eve Corin - Fine Artist

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May 16th, 2010







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About Eve Corin

I prefer working with acrylic paints on canvas. The paintings shown here may appear like pastels. Due to the fast drying process do I mix and brush the paint with quick strokes on the canvas. Applying transparent layers create this soft, velvety appearance, resembling pastel artwork. The look and durability compares to oil on canvas. In general do I prefer a matte finish for all paintings.
For my motives do I search for nature as well as interior settings, also imaginative details sometimes enhance a painting.
An artwork may be chosen to create a very personal touch, or to add a temporary atmosphere to a room, which you may change as you wish.
A painting can capture one's thought or decorate with color.
Depending on size and location, a pice of art may become a focal point, or even a conversation piece.
At last, I appreciate your interest looking through my art, and dont hesitate to criticize; feel welcome to contact me.

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Moon melting by Eve Corin


Tinos Morning by Eve Corin


Smiling Eyes by Eve Corin


''Sardinas locas'' by Eve Corin


Early Birds by Eve Corin


Tinos Birds by Eve Corin


Flamingos by Eve Corin


Tinos Island Cat by Eve Corin


Hydeaway by Eve Corin


Cats in a greek Village by Eve Corin


Greek Village Building by Eve Corin


Greek Monastery Interior by Eve Corin


Love by Eve Corin


White Water Lily by Eve Corin


Pink Water Lily by Eve Corin


Pink Rose by Eve Corin


A Rose by Eve Corin


Lily by Eve Corin


Poppy by Eve Corin


Gigantic White Bird of Paradise No. 2 by Eve Corin


Giant White Bird of Paradise No.1 by Eve Corin


Large White Bird of Paradise Plant by Eve Corin


Girl waiting by Eve Corin


Shell No.1 by Eve Corin

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