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Feva Fotos

Silver City, NM - United States








Feva Fotos

Silver City, NM - United States

Feva Fotos - Fine Artist

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About Feva Fotos

'Share the joy!'

That's the motto Sandy Feutz and Tom Vaughan have chosen for their partnership in photography (and life). After careers in business and broadcasting (Sandy) and government and journalism (Tom), life brought them together and they discovered they had a longstanding mutual interest - photography.

Between driving to see relatives scattered across the country and living in the mountain west, Sandy and Tom have had lots of joy! 'Always have your camera with you!' might be their second motto. Tom says it helps him to stop and see the roses, slowing his headlong rush through the days of life. Sandy is fascinated with light in the Southwest; bright or shady (or moonlit), it is constantly changing and challenging the photographer.

Eclectic in their choices of subject matter, Tom and Sandy delight in the beauty of a fox, laugh aloud at children prancing in an impromptu parade, marvel at the workmanship of builders long gone, race to capture the inner beauty of a cactus bloom that only lasts a few hours - and find themselves speechless at the stunning beauty of dawn's light on the red cliffs of Valley of the Gods.

Share their joy in the images you find here.

(FeVa Fotos images have been published in print and online. They have also been exhibited [and received awards] in shows in Durango and Cortez, CO, as well as Silver City and Pinos Altos, NM.)

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Rebirth by Feva Fotos


Very Special Delivery by Feva Fotos


Christmas Horses by Feva Fotos


Silver City Museum by Feva Fotos


Yankie Street Coffee House by Feva Fotos


Aren't I Gorgeous by Feva Fotos


Taking the Curve by Feva Fotos


The Chase by Feva Fotos


Men's Pro Peloton Takes the Curves by Feva Fotos


Women Start on Day Two by Feva Fotos


Men Start on Day Two by Feva Fotos


Taking Off at Fort Bayard by Feva Fotos


First Day Pro Leaders by Feva Fotos


What a Climb by Feva Fotos


There They Go by Feva Fotos


Passing the Silver City Museum by Feva Fotos


Turning Up Broadway by Feva Fotos


The Start on Bullard by Feva Fotos


Warren House by Feva Fotos


El Sol by Feva Fotos


She's Got It by Feva Fotos


Mimbres Afternoon by Feva Fotos


Twilight at Cliff Palace by Feva Fotos


A Cup of Gold by Feva Fotos

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