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Florina Petre

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Florina Petre

Bucharest - Romania

Florina Petre - Fine Artist

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About Florina Petre

Hello! My name is Florina Petre (Passion) and I want to kindly welcome you into my world! A world of words painted with Passion. With the help of this site I’ve tried to build a tiny world which I want to dedicate from the bottom of my heart to all those who would find themselves in it, those whom I’ve met, those whom I am going to meet or even to those I will never get to meet.

I love everything that relates to art, I love music as a whole. I am fascinated by all kinds of music styles and I enjoy listening to ,,Ode to Joy ' of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, “Radetsky Marsh” by Johann Strauss, Antonio Vivaldi, Ravel and “Für Elise” by Richard Clayderman. I often find myself in the words full wisdom of the great Friedrich Nietzsche ,,I cannot differ tears from music'.

Among my hobbies are psychology, philosophy, poetry, foreign languages and literature. My favourite writers are Sigmund Freud, Emil Cioran, William Shakespeare, Lord Byron, Mihai Eminescu.

I am a very sensitive person and open to anything around me. Deeply romantic, my inner world is a reflection of the exterior one, a reflection mostly for states of mind and feelings.

I first saw the light of day on a summer day … on June 30th, 1980 and I believe God has sent me on earth in order to teach people how to believe, to hope and to follow their dreams until the end. My motto is: To always follow your dreams and never give up. Keep reaching for the STARS!

To create for myself represents a method to send my thoughts, experience and feelings to people. A world in which I can freely move, in which there is no barrier or inhibitions, in which people can get new dimensions in report to the one who creates and sees the world.
I don’t like to utter words just for the sake of uttering them. I carefully think of things and act out of passion and feelings. My works fully represent me as a whole.

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Passion by Florina Petre


Horse by Florina Petre

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