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Cathy Sosnowski

Scranton, PA - United States








Cathy Sosnowski

Scranton, PA - United States

Cathy Sosnowski - Fine Artist

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About Cathy Sosnowski

Hi, my name is Cathy Sosnowski and I live in a small town near Scranton, PA, in the U.S.A.

I am a First Grade school teacher and have been for over thirty years. It is a job I love and hope to continue for some years to come. I am married to a wonderful and supportive guy for over twenty years and have a dear, sweet son.

A few years back, the a fore mentioned husband and son helped me put a little garden in my front yard. When the first shoots came up, I was ecstatic. When the shoots grew into hardy plants, I was besides myself with anticipation. And when they bloomed: nirvana!

I did not have much experience in photography beyond cutting people's heads off of shots at the holidays and family functions. But, once I got my hands on my digital and discovered the macro setting I was hooked.

The dove-tailing of my life as a gardener/photographer has produced a plethora of pictures many of my friends have said are worthy to be framed and sold as art. It is my hope that you might think so as well.

'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,' so they say. I'm hoping your eye will behold the beauty mine have and perhaps, on some cold, gray, February day, one of these pictures might be like a breath of warm summer air...

Cathy Sosnowski

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