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Fran J Scott

Manchester, MD - United States

Fran J Scott - Fine Artist

Fran J Scott

Member Since: 11/30/2009

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~Photographing horses is a joy I cannot describe. I could spend every waking hour just clicking away whilst they are oblivious to my enthusiasm for their seemingly mundane excursions...but every now and then I believe they know that they are being admired and they grant me a glimpse of something really special. These are the moments that steal my breath away...

I started out like most people, snapping photos of this and that, hoping to catch something mildly interesting and at the very least in focus! The good ole days when camera's were simple and one did not need a college degree to read and understand the manuals. Essentially where we find ourselves in today's world of the digital domain. This technically sophisticated realm is not at all where I imagined I'd find a comfortable home being the uncomplicated person that I am. And Photoshop inspired the most profound fear of all possible worlds! But my work spurned me to learn new things and to apply them with tools that could breathe even more life into my images so I happily surrendered to the logic of the situation.

Weapons of choice these days are the Nikon D70, D200 and D300. Lenses, Nikkor 70-300, and 18-70mm. Various photoshop applications and art enhancemant programs.

People often ask me how they can take good photos of their horses and I am usually at a loss and never have anything really useful to offer as an answer. My technique, if one can call it that, is more of a feel and less the technical aspects of photography. Here are things that I found helpful.
#1 Commandment, is know thy equipment! I can read a manual all day long and get absolutely nothing out of it. I learn by doing. Shoot in every kind of light and in all settings. Logically one should have an understanding of depth of field, light and shutter speed. Along with patience, perseverance, and a decent camera. All are contributing elements to good photographs. Skill for those starting isn't a prerequisite necessarily with the point and shoot mentality of auto focus. Making things far more uncomplicated than it used to be for the amateur to get professional looking photos. Even with good equipment your best way of improving is through practice.

The horse is my muse. Every horse will reveal an instant, a glimpse of who they are. That is what interests and excites me. It's that silent relationship going on between two athletes, or dear friends. When work ethic, skill, trust and competitive spirit combine between partners. When both horse and rider have the same expression of victory, confidence, conviction. Horses are naturally gregarious. I have found they like to share when something excites, surprises or angers them. Subtle ranges of emotion inspire them to do something unique and heartwarming....therein lies the magic, the spirit, and the grace of these magnificent creatures. Through my work I would like to share the beauty and diversity of the horse as I see it and have them capture the imagination of others the way they have captured mine.

~Aspirations, I would like to publish a series of fact based articles, concerning the health, management and medical conditions associated with the heavily feathered horses known as the Traditional Gypsy Horse.

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