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Frederico Borges

Montreal, QC - Canada








Frederico Borges

Montreal, QC - Canada

Frederico Borges - Fine Artist

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September 4th, 2010







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About Frederico Borges

With a very active imagination and a taste for the unusual, I try to come up with different points of view in my art, be it on Photography or 3d imaging.

Photography allows me to look at the world with different eyes, to search for the details and capture the big picture, so I can show others what I see.
I like to experiment with photography, lights, blurs, long exposures, but I all so like nature architecture, sports and music photography.

3d imaging allow me to go further into my imagination, creating more out of the ordinary scenes.
Poser has being a great tool for that, allowing me to concentrate on building the scene instead on the 3d modeling, witch I sometimes do.
Texturing is a good part of my 3d work as well, bringing a more personal touch to the scene.

I truly hope that you enjoy my art and hope to hear some in puts as well.
Thank you.

Frederico Borges

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