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From Gods Porch Photography

Exact Center Of California, CA - United States








From Gods Porch Photography

Exact Center Of California, CA - United States

From Gods Porch Photography - Fine Artist

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About From Gods Porch Photography

From God's Porch - is a growing group of Christian artists who offer artwork Based on their Belief's that they, are here to Honor God, with the talents He has lovingly given to each & every one of us.

There is enough 'JUNK' out there, whose only intent, is to stimulate your flesh!
Our intent - is to satisify - your soul...

Many of our Artists have won Awards. Some have even Sold their Artwork (ok most). But All, are Blessed by You visiting Us.

If you are looking for Custom or Original artwork - email us - its just that easy.

Some of the Artists are:
TOMALA: I have had an life long love-affair with my cameras, for they are able to capture memories in much greater clairity, than this 55
yr old mind can. This allows the emotions to return just as fresh, just as strong, everytime I come across one of these 'Photo Friends'.
I am also able to live & work in one of the most naturally stunning areas of this great country of ours - The Sierra Nevada's.
I exhibit pretty much locally, at art shows, our county fair, every fundraiser I can donate too.
I specialize; usually in WILDFLOWERS & SUNRISES & ISRAEL, although a mountain sometimes gets in the way.

MISTY ALKIRE: I am a nature photographer who offers guided photography hikes in the Lake Tahoe Wilderness area.
So of course I specialize in Landscapes & Nature scenes. I only offer my Prints for Sale through 'From God's Porch - Photography'.

TRACY JO: Well Hello Everyone, I live & paint (oils and acrylics) on the east coast. I paint what the Holy Spirit puts in my Heart (and hands).
Please inquire if you would like to see my website.

M. SIMON IAN: Old enough to remember Black & White TV! But still young enough to understand Digital!
I also live in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California - but grew up on a farm in Michigan.
Been around the world, three times in one day (in a Nuclear Submarine) and have seen the earth from over twelve miles above it.
So EVERYTHING that I capture in my cameras, is to me - a piece a life itself - taken From God's Porch...

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