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Fuad Azmat - Fine Artist

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Fuad Azmat


Fuad Azmat - Fine Artist

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About Fuad Azmat

Anticipation - the good sort that pulls at your stomach, wracks your brain, reminds you of Christmas morning as a child. It's an ongoing part of Fuad's life and love of pho­tography. Each time he gets behind the lens, unraveling his muse, that gripping sense of wonder sets in: How will I frame something new? How will I redefine beauty today?

Fuad has an altogether different perspective on the world; each moment is a working frame, something that could be scaled into a powerful still shot. He firmly believes that beau­ty isn't always obvious, but it exists in everything around us. What's more, he's stayed true to his art form - chasing im­ages and keeping curious since he was a young boy.

'I was born to a very successful photographer in Saudi Ara­bia, [and] I have been playing with cameras since I was 5 years old,' he said. 'When I was young, mopping floors at my father's photography studio... l dreamt of coming to America. I didn't know I would end up being a photogra­pher myself, and keep the family business going.'

He loves capturing the personality of his subjects. In fact, that's one of his (and any other photographer's) best com­pliments to date. It's the ultimate challenge, really: locking something as undefined as character into a look, a glance, an artistic angle.

Today, technology and equipment are his right-hand men. But when it comes to finding the light or discovering a hid­den level of loveliness within his subject, well, those talents have been with him since he first took to the cities of Saudi Arabia, camera in tow.

Beauty is the language of the heart - he adds, sharing his daily inspiration - and each of us perceives it in a slightly different way.

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Indian Native by Fuad Azmat


Hummingbird by Fuad Azmat


Rufous Hummingbird by Fuad Azmat


Tall ships at Bay by Fuad Azmat


Tall Ship by Fuad Azmat


Tall Ships by Fuad Azmat


Tall Ship HINDU by Fuad Azmat


Tall Ship WINDY by Fuad Azmat


African Owl Butterfly by Fuad Azmat


Red Tail Hawk by Fuad Azmat


Coca Cola by Fuad Azmat


Minneapolis Downtown by Fuad Azmat


Peacock Up Close by Fuad Azmat


Lambeau Field by Fuad Azmat


Chihuly 3 by Fuad Azmat


Chihuly 1 by Fuad Azmat


Sunset by Fuad Azmat


Lady Slipper by Fuad Azmat


Passion by Fuad Azmat


Passion by Fuad Azmat


Mosque by Fuad Azmat


Mosque by Fuad Azmat


Lahore Fort by Fuad Azmat


Macaws Perched by Fuad Azmat


Winter 1 by Fuad Azmat


Tree by Fuad Azmat


Tree by Fuad Azmat


Winter by Fuad Azmat


Barn by Fuad Azmat


Trees Against the Winter Sky by Fuad Azmat


Door County Lighthouse on The Bay by Fuad Azmat


Cold Blue Lake by Fuad Azmat


Lake Blue Dawn by Fuad Azmat


Lighthouse-Pink at Night by Fuad Azmat


Tree 3 by Fuad Azmat


Farm by Fuad Azmat


Native Dancer 8 by Fuad Azmat


Native Dancer 7 by Fuad Azmat


Native Dancer 7 by Fuad Azmat


Native Dancer 6 by Fuad Azmat


Native Dancer 5 by Fuad Azmat


native Dancer 4 by Fuad Azmat


Native Dancer 3 by Fuad Azmat


Ice by Fuad Azmat



Dog 3 by Fuad Azmat


Roots by Fuad Azmat


Tulip by Fuad Azmat


Bridge by Fuad Azmat

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