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G Cuffia

Baltimore, MD - United States

G Cuffia - Fine Artist

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About G Cuffia

Creating works of art is the artists act of disinheriting themselves from mundane tasks to acting on behalf of the universe to produce grandeur.
My art is more than art imitating life. It imitates a lasting relationship between viewer and the piece of art. Products are for sale but art is for enjoyment beyond a monetary price. An artist is a vessel in the Master's hand. The piece created is a vessel in the artist's creativity. One must work with the creator God in order for weaknesses to be unpublished. The hand of the artificer must compliment the gift of their stewardship entrusted by the God of the Universe. With Holiness and Purity Practice, Practice, Practice for you never Finish.
Maryland Institute of Art
Morgan State University
Tutored at Johns Hopkins University
US Army Research, Adelphi, MD
Computer Science Degrees
Doctorate, Masters, Bachelors, AA, Commercial Art
Certified Teacher

Oil Portraits on Commissions
All work is subject to prosecution if used without permission. Copyrighted works, and Commissioned works if used will be in violation of the owner of the purchased rights.
Exhibit 2006: Maasai Women: A Chapter Celebrating Diverse Expressions in Realism (21 oil portraits/ 1 graphite). Last exhibit August 7, 2010.
40 paintings in variety.
Recipient of Scholarship to Yale College of Art and Design and Peabody First Year Student Award.
Art School Principal DMission School
Continuing Studies and continuing to learn.

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Abigail by G Cuffia


Queen Gassulawiya by G Cuffia


Esther by G Cuffia


Girl from the Island by G Cuffia


2K Black American Family by G Cuffia


The Obama Family by G Cuffia


Nkosazana by G Cuffia


Katlego Mojisola by G Cuffia


Multicontrasking by G Cuffia


Will Not Conform by G Cuffia


Nontubula by G Cuffia


Orphans3 by G Cuffia


Three Sisters by G Cuffia


Girl With Sticks by G Cuffia


Serinna by G Cuffia


GyeNyameDuaMframmadan by G Cuffia


Princess-Elfi-Odu-Dua by G Cuffia


The Hunter by G Cuffia


After the Last Supper by G Cuffia


The Anointing by G Cuffia


Detail of The Anointing Dt.4 by G Cuffia


Hollins Square by G Cuffia


Detail of the Anointing Dt.3 by G Cuffia


Sketch A of Christ by G Cuffia


Passover by G Cuffia


Christ At GETHSEMANE by G Cuffia


He Died For Sinners by G Cuffia


I Am Alive by G Cuffia


Christ The Healer by G Cuffia


After the Last Supper by G Cuffia


Nativity Scene by G Cuffia


Untitled by G Cuffia


War Orphan Progression No. 2 by G Cuffia


War Orphan Progression No. 3 by G Cuffia


War Orphan by G Cuffia


War Orphan by G Cuffia


I The Prophet Prophesy To You by G Cuffia


KeePakee by G Cuffia


Dont Wake The Lion by G Cuffia


What You Lookin For by G Cuffia


Emotion by G Cuffia


He Has Loved Me by G Cuffia


Not My Son by G Cuffia


Nanu by G Cuffia


Thumthin Up by G Cuffia


Nothin Else Matters by G Cuffia


Where You Goin by G Cuffia


Generations3 by G Cuffia

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   |   Images = 84




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