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Gabriele Frey

Herdwangen-Schönach, Germany - Germany








Gabriele Frey

Herdwangen-Schönach, Germany - Germany

Gabriele Frey - Fine Artist

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About Gabriele Frey

Welcome to my gallery at FineArtAmerica!

‘The mediator of the inexpressible is the work of art’, Goethe said.
For me art means to create speaking images!

Since childhood painting has accompanied my whole life - starting with an art print of the ‘Three Ladies making music’ in the parental living room.
With great interest and dedication I spent my time during school days especially on observing the details of my surrounding environment and was nearly nonstop busy to figure out how to express things by drawing them in a realistic and atmospherical way.
Main subject: human being

Besides intense autodidactic studies I attended lectures in Goethe’s Science of Colors, spent much time with studying old and new masters and developed and intensified basic techniques and own ideas to realize my imaginations.

It is the privilege of art to be disturbing, honest and profoundly true!
Breaking through surfaces and removing borders is the purpose of my art. I paint what I see and I paint it just the way I perceive it.
The paintings invite and encourage to have a closer look, to be open and sensitive.

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The Importance of Sensitive Thinking by Gabriele Frey


To Be Found_gefunden Werden by Gabriele Frey


To Resurrect_auferstehen by Gabriele Frey


Ecce Homo_perceiving insight by Gabriele Frey


Computer Kid by Gabriele Frey


Predators at Work_Raubtiere am Werk by Gabriele Frey


The Great Calculator by Gabriele Frey


Gier_Greed by Gabriele Frey


Cool Light by Gabriele Frey


Crocodile's New Love by Gabriele Frey


Wegwerfkind_Abused Child by Gabriele Frey


Licht_Light by Gabriele Frey


Prenatal by Gabriele Frey


The New Generation by Gabriele Frey


Das Gewand_The Robe by Gabriele Frey


Inside View by Gabriele Frey


They look back Rene by Gabriele Frey


Loewin und Stier I_Lioness and Bull I by Gabriele Frey


Loewin und Stier II_Lioness and Bull II by Gabriele Frey

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