Gail Darnell - Fine Artist

Gail Darnell

Woodbridge, VA - United States








Gail Darnell

Woodbridge, VA - United States

Gail Darnell - Fine Artist

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About Gail Darnell

My first interest in art began in the 1950s when I won a blue ribbon for a drawing entered by my teacher in the schoolís art competition. In the 80s, I took several art courses at Northern Virginia Community College, Alexandria Campus. Around 2006, I took several painting classes that inspired me to start preparing for my second career as an artist. Since 2006, I have painted over 100 works of art in a variety of mediums including acrylic, oil, and watercolor.

I am mostly self-taught from reading and applying techniques provided by other artists and am continually learning and evolving my own painting style. As a predominantly realistic artist, I love to portray intricate details in my paintings of landscapes, gardens, houses, seascapes, portraits, animals, birds, fruits, nuts, flowers and other interesting subjects. I use a number of methods to develop compositions for my paintings to include plein air, still life compositions, and reference photographs. My main objective when drawing and painting is to capture the accuracy of all the little details that make the subject interesting. With each new painting, I work to convey to the viewer, the mood, the color, the play of light, and other significant aspects of the composition while ensuring the perspective is accurate. I have a strong love of flowers and plants gravitate to painting floral scenes and landscapes that have architectural interest. If I can convey to the viewer the awesomeness of Godís creations in the beauty of the natural wonders around me, then I have accomplished the reason for my artwork.

I have been a member of the Artistsí Undertaking Gallery since 2011, P.O. Box 332, 309 Mill Street, Occoquan, VA 22125, Telephone 703-494-0584, Website: My artwork has most recently been featured in the Washington Post and the Lorton Valley Star in September, 2013.

I am originally from West Virginia, but have lived in Virginia since 1969. I live in Woodbridge, Virginia with Steve, my husband of 28 years. I retired from my 35+ year Information Technology career with the Federal Government, as a Department of the Army Civilian on July 30, 2011. I believe that many of the skills from my technology career relate to my career as an artist, such as my analytic ability to see, analyze, interpret, and portray intricate details in my artwork.

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Bailey at the Beach by Gail Darnell


Portrait of Reeses by Gail Darnell


Portrait in Oils of Maximus - Miniature Aulstralian Shepherd by Gail Darnell


Colvin Run Mill Great Falls VA on a Spring Afternoon by Gail Darnell


Edelweiss with Mountain View by Gail Darnell


Edelweiss by Gail Darnell


Great Spangled Fritillary Butterfly by Gail Darnell


Robin in the Woods by Gail Darnell


Double Delight Rose by Gail Darnell


Gone Fishing Statue beside a Koi Pond by Gail Darnell


Common Rose Swallowtail Butterfly by Gail Darnell


Hummingbird in the Dogwood Blossoms by Gail Darnell


Bumble Bee on a Cornflower by Gail Darnell


View of the Falls at Great Falls Park by Gail Darnell


Arbor in Spring at Colvin Run Mill by Gail Darnell


Fruit and Flowers Still Life by Gail Darnell


Special Bouquet in Crystal Vase on Heirloom Table by Gail Darnell


Spilled Peonies by Gail Darnell


Crystal Vase Duo Still Life by Gail Darnell


Treasures on the Beach by Gail Darnell


Tropical Reef Fish with Green Sea Turtle by Gail Darnell


Tropical Reef Fish by Gail Darnell


Red Hibiscus by Gail Darnell


Violet and Yellow Pansies by Gail Darnell

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