Gary Pavlosky - Fine Artist

Gary Pavlosky

Portage, PA - United States








Gary Pavlosky

Portage, PA - United States

Gary Pavlosky - Fine Artist

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About Gary Pavlosky

I am from Western PA. I enjoy taking pictures and showing them to the world.
I have extensive medical training. Now I am taking pictures to help brighten lives of people around the world. I feel taking pictures can express our inner feelings.
I have five children and a lovely wife. My oldest son has special needs and is visually impaired. He provides courage and an input on life from a different view point. It is amazing to hear his thoughts on what I describe to him. He is remarkable to speak with and helps me in a unique way. He loves western movies and Native Americans history.I have a very wonderful wife who offers a strong background and support, a true companion!
I have a total of 5 children, two recently have married. It is nice to see life being carried on.I love them all. I also have a grandson who recently turned one in November and I love watching him grow and learn. Our youngest two children are both teenagers. They are simpily amazing, awesome, terrific, and help us enjoy life to its fullest. I am truly blessed to have the family God has given me.

If you have something you would like photographed I will work with you to get it done. I would like to form a group with other artists to bring out our individual strengths. This would be for fun and seconday to business. Everything on here is for fun. Art is really in the eye of the beholder. This is a site of great pictures and images that brings joy to anybody who see them. If you think someone would like seeing these pictures on here, pass this site on and let them enjoy the pictures. Art is happiness With different meanings to each person.
My son that is blind can explain a picture he may like and I can sketch it for him so he can feel the pattern. He likes to explore new things with his hands. These are a few thoughts on how art can affect us in different ways and in ways we May not have thought of. Let your mind and heart take you to these places. Have a great day!!

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Spring pond by Gary Pavlosky


Cardinal by Gary Pavlosky


Blessed Mary with prayer by Gary Pavlosky


Spring is here by Gary Pavlosky


Swirling Branches by Gary Pavlosky


Color by Gary Pavlosky


Strong pines by Gary Pavlosky


Hillside during winter by Gary Pavlosky


Colorful Park by Gary Pavlosky


Bi plane at the beach by Gary Pavlosky


Take off by Gary Pavlosky


Art 6 by Gary Pavlosky


Art 5 by Gary Pavlosky


Art 4 by Gary Pavlosky


Art 3 by Gary Pavlosky


Art 2 by Gary Pavlosky


Art 1 by Gary Pavlosky


Horses by Gary Pavlosky


Moons by Gary Pavlosky


Digital field by Gary Pavlosky


Winter Barn by Gary Pavlosky


Face in the snow by Gary Pavlosky


Forest Serenity by Gary Pavlosky


Deer Crossing by Gary Pavlosky

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